Indian celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor enters Canada with his upscale restaurant ‘Khazana’

Brampton, ON, Canada – November 2, 2015: Indian celebrity chef, Sanjeev Kapoor was in Toronto to formally launch Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khazana, which opened earlier this year, in a grand event. The fine-dining restaurant is situated in Brampton and this is Kapoor’s first in North America. Sanjeev Kapoor along with co-owners Shailesh Gangwani and Kultaran Mann welcomed the esteemed members of the media to this launch.

Indian food has time and again redefined the dining scenario in North America. Some of the more popularly available recipes such as Saag Paneer, Butter Chicken and Samosa have even made their way into the pantries of traditional Canadian homes. Yet, there is a wide unexplored variety of Indian food that is waiting to be discovered in the diverse Canadian market. Khazana promises to fill this void by bringing in a flavourful array of unique dishes from the Masterchef’s kitchen.

If you’re looking for a contemporary rendition of the traditional Indian dining experience, then Khazana is the place for you. With several outlets across the globe, Khazana is a treasure trove of spices and flavours that help create a wealth of culinary experiences. The menu consists of a variety of popular as well as unknown dishes of Indian cuisine, all given a delicious twist by the skilled team of chefs.

Handpicked ingredients, choicest of herbs and spices and the most authentic methods of cooking, along with a luxurious ambience and interactive tables will surely redefine your experience of how a Great Indian Meal should be!

The Khazana restaurant in the heart of Brampton offers its guests the opportunity to dine in luxury, surrounded by contemporary glamour and opulence. It has a huge dining space with 140 covers, a separate 20 cover ‘private dining room’ and a lounge space with a high-end bar serving varieties of wines, liqueurs and signature cocktails.

As you enter the restaurant, there’s a waterfall that has already become an attraction as the ‘selfie place’ for guests of all age-groups.

Some of the innovative and new dishes from the Khazana menu are Paneer Tikka Caperese, Smoked Chicken with Lettuce and Punjabi Dressing, Tandoori Wasabi Salmon Tikkas, Seabass Chettinad and Makhan Elaichi Mousse.

Other signature ones like Shabnam ke Moti, Shaam Savera, Lalla Mussa Dal and Gulab-e-Gulkand are being kept intact on great public demand.

The menu also features a separate section called ‘Chaat India Ka’ with the quintessential yet modern Indian dishes like Ram Ladoo Sticks with Radish and Chutney, Nimbu Muttera with Baked Kulcha and the likes.

The exciting concept of ‘Meal On A Plate’ has also been added with dishes like Baked Samosas Stuffed with Mixed Sprouts and Tandoori Sweet Potatoes, Bombay Style Lamb Chump Mince and Liver Curry and Seared Dover Sole Slices in Chillies, Peanuts and Curry Leaves Salan Gravy.

Says Gangwani, “I had always wanted to enter the restaurant business, envisioning a luxurious experience of Indian fine dining, which was absent from the Canadian landscape. Hence, partnering with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor was an obvious choice with the skill and knowledge that he brought to the forefront. He has been in the industry for over 30 years, been an industry leader for years, has several cookbooks to his credit and many restaurants across the globe. And it was about time to bring his flavours to an extremely welcoming market. The treasure is for you to explore.”

About Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor figures in the Reader’s Digest list of 100 of India’s Most Trusted people. He has put Indian cuisine on the world map. Sanjeev has not only given this profession the dignity and status it deserves, but also made cooking cool for all. He has inspired many to take up cooking as a career and is the only chef in the world to have his own food channel, FoodFood. He has written over 200 cookbooks, powers Indian food content worldwide and has developed a range of value added food products, restaurants and kitchen appliances. He has cooked for many dignitaries, including the Indian Prime Minister. Often dubbed the Rachel Ray of India, he has featured twice on American TV with her. United Nations (UN) chose him as the Indian Ambassador for their Clean Cookstoves Campaign which was aimed at the underprivileged in developing countries. He also represented India in 2012 in the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) at Daejon, South Korea and initiated the ancient ways of Ayurvedic cooking to the world of chefs. His food label (Khana Khazana) was launched at the House of Commons in the UK by Mr. Fabian Hamilton, MP, North East Leeds, Yorkshire. One of his many brands Wonderchef, has a business model that empowers women. He is helping the cause of Autism by supporting NGO “Forum for Autism” in India for over 10 years.

About SK Restaurants

Brainchild of Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor, SK Restaurants (SKR) is a multi-format global chain of restaurants. SK Restaurants is the most dynamic and vibrant restaurant managing company from the Indian subcontinent. With 10 Brands in 9 Countries, 39 Cities, its 55 Restaurants are creating waves wherever they’ve opened. This is SKR’s first venture in Canada and with this as its food ambassador, SKR is confident of its presence in this gastronomical country in big numbers.

About the co-owners, Khazana Canada

Hailing from a family of business owners, Shailesh Gangwani has been an entrepreneur since 1992, when he first took over his family business in clothing retail. Managing Director of Khazana Canada, Gangwani, recently moved to Canada and is following his vision to redefine the Indian fine dining scenario in North America, providing connoisseurs with not just tasteful food but also elegant ambience coupled with superior service, culminating in a luxurious experience. Shailesh is actively supported by his better half, Rashmi Gangwani who is armed with a Masters degree in Marketing and Economics. Rashmi’s stint as the Marketing & Relationship Manager in New Zealand and Canada, combined with a decade of university teaching as an academician has seasoned her as a thorough entrepreneur.

Kultaran Mann, co-owner and Managing Director, is a graduate from Thapar Engineering College, India and has extensive experience of working in various multinational corporations.

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