Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy presents “Natya Samarpanam”

Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy, a well-known Indian Classical Dance School founded by Artistic Director Prabha Raghavan is proud to present Natya Samarpanam, a vibrant performance showcasing over a hundred talented students of the Academy. This tenth year celebration involves an evening of dance performances choreographed by Prabha Raghavan highlighting the 3 main elements of Bharatanatyam- Bhava, Raga, and Tala. The Mississauga based Dance Academy has embarked on an incredible decade-long journey that has introduced young children and families to the renowned and beautiful art form of southern Indian classical dance – Bharatanatyam. Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy has been involved in community and charity events across the Greater Toronto Area, and has firmly established itself as an energetic platform to showcase talent and provide remarkable opportunities for multicultural artistes and aspiring dancers. The Academy has presented over 20 Arangetrams (solo debuts) and many large Productions in the past decade. Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy has grown sizably since its inception in 2006, and this success is greatly owing to Prabha Raghavan and the support of countless Friends, Family, Students, Parents, and Musicians. We wish the team of Natya Samarpanam, and all future productions and performances of Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy great success in the years to come! |

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