OUT NEXT WEEK: Move Aside Rose & Jack; New Historical Romance Bigger than the Titanic is Here!

Allana Harrison wanted to escape her painful, broken past and enjoy a fresh start somewhere else; anywhere else. While all of the boys in high school and college promised to deliver that dream, only one man actually pulled through.

And thus sets the stage for 1986, (available June 13, 2016), the newest suspense romance by celebrated author Morgan Parker. Now a young adult, Allana finds herself on the opposite side of the world, in the prosperous and rich town of Pripyat, far away from her past and from the crime, grime and hustle of bigger cities. She doesn’t understand the language or know anybody else except her husband — and that’s just how she likes it — until she meets Alex, another American who ends up being her only friend, the one person who reminds her of what it’s like to feel desired, wanted and hungered for. 

Eventually, Allana begins to wonder about Alex’s motives. He has questions about her husband’s work at the world’s most advanced, leading-edge nuclear power station. When Allana can no longer provide the answers he seeks, Alex threatens to reveal the secrets of their forbidden past, secrets that will destroy the man that saved her. Caught between two men — one she loves and the other she can’t help but love — Allana must decide the role she plays in the moments leading to one of humankind’s greatest calamities…the Chernobyl disaster.

 “Like the Titanic tragedy, we often forget about the routine human lives and individual love stories that were happening at the time,” says Parker. “1986 is similar in that if follows the forbidden love story of one particular character who finds herself in the wrong place, with the wrong person, at the wrong time in history.”

1986 will be available June 13, 2016 in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon, iBooks, and select independent retailers, as well as the author’s website, www.officialmorganparker.com.

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