India Rainbow is changing its name to Indus Community Services

India Rainbow Community Services of Peel held its Annual General Meeting on June 23rd, where the members overwhelmingly endorsed the new name for the agency that has been at the forefront of serving the community for over 30 years. The agency has embraced change all through its history, and last night’s decision to adopt a new name which is reflective of the communities it serves, is more inclusive, and still true to its heritage – speaks to the forward thinking and vision that embraces the organization’s service philosophy and commitment.

From ‘The India Rainbow Club’ to ‘India Rainbow Community Services of Peel’ to ‘Indus Community Services’ – it has been a journey of overcoming challenges, perseverance and above all the spirit of serving the community. At the meeting, Gurwinder Gill, Board member, recounted this two year process. There were focus groups, consultations with stakeholders, staff input, online surveys and expert advice from branding professionals. It was through this open and consultative process that the new name Indus Community Services was chosen. The word ‘Indus’ was seen as being both non-political and non-religious, but still grounded in a heritage which goes back to one of humanity’s earliest civilizations dating back over 5000 years. As we gradually incorporate the new name and logo into our operations, the agency will continue to operate under the name of India Rainbow Community Services of Peel.

To align with our new beginning, Indus Community Services has a new vision “Leaders in building strong and supportive communities.” Our revised mission statement reflects our renewed commitment: “Supporting our growing communities to manage change through quality client-centered social and health services, and responsive public education.”

Gurpreet Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer, is committed to building the highest quality services, including new projects such as seniors housing, and expanding beyond Peel. He said “Indus Community Services holds the promise of a new generation of professionals who will contribute even more to the growth and success of all the communities we serve. The commitment of our volunteer Board and our dedicated staff is what has brought us this far and they are what will carry us into an even better future.”

During the course of the business part of the meeting, two new Board members – Varinder S. Sembhi and Randy Chana were acclaimed to the Board. Two outgoing Board members – Sandeep Atwal, Chair and Swaroop Dogra, Secretary, were acknowledged for their support and immense contribution during their tenure. Mandeep Grewal, the new Chair, and the newly reconstituted Board are committed to working with all our stakeholders for the continued success of the newly renamed agency leading to the betterment and growth of all the communities we serve.

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