Alive Forever Short Film – A Priceless Jewel Of Wisdom Shared By Wai Lana

In honor of the 2ndAnnual International Yoga Day, Wai Lana, the world renowned yoga teacher, released the much anticipated Alive Forever short film. Just like the Namaste video which was released for the first celebration of the Yoga Day, the Alive Forever music video beautifully portrays the love that Wai Lana has for her fans globally and the audience in general.

She has also posted a video in YouTube mentioning the very reason for producing this enlightening movie. The Alive Forever short film is inspirational with meaningful thoughts that encourage people to seek inner happiness and leave behind all worries related to their increasing age.


Fans from all over the world waited with much anticipation for the Alive Forever music video. The short film is full of profound wisdom from Wai Lana and listening to the music is heartwarming. It teaches us to be in happiness and balance even if we are getting weak by body, but we should not feel weak from our heart as we are youthful eternally. Yoga wisdom speaks that we are eternal spiritual beings and we are full of love and happiness. In the Alive Forever music video, Wai Lana encourages people to be happy and not to worry even if you are getting old. Getting old by body is not a sign of end of life – the bonafide teachings of yoga wisdom confirm we are eternal, we are not matter, we are spirit i.e. Aham Brahmasmi

The words in the Alive Forever music video are drawn from the yoga teachings; we are eternal spiritual beings and more than material bodies. The line “… I am not my body, and I will not die when my body dies …”recognizes these fundamental yoga teachings.The scenes and motions in the video are breathtaking with uplifting slow flowing vocals. In fact, the music video was personally produced by Wai Lana and the lyrics in the Alive Forever music video are carefully chosen by Wai Lana herself.

–By Satyan Misra

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