FlipBelt: Your Ultimate Fitness Package


FlipBelt— Considered one of the BEST running/workout accessories on the market (number 1 on Amazon), FlipBelt offers a hands free solution to carrying your phone and other belongings while working out, running or while on the go. The tubular band fits snuggly around your upper or lower hip and safely holds cell phones, car keys, money, credit cards, inhalers and more, with their 3 inch wide pocket fitting even the biggest of cell phones (including the 6 plus).

Retail $28.99

FlipBelt Zipper— A new wider pocket with zipper protection has allowed the FlipBelt to become more convenient and comfortable than ever.  Made from sweat wicking material the sleek belt is designed to fit snuggly around your waist and store all of your essential items while exercising. Keys, credit cards, inhalers, and phones (even the iPhone 6 plus) comfortably fit inside the belt while the zipper pocket ensures that no item will be lost or dropped.  Retails for 34.99

Million Mile Light— FlipBelt had safety in mind when it created the first of its kind motion powered light.  Compact and weatherproof, the Million Mile Light can illuminate up to 200 meters of visibility.  The BATTERY FREE light releases a burst of renewable energy with each step its wearer takes. It will provide peace of mind on early morning or late night runs by keeping you safe and seen. Guaranteed not to quit until you do. Retail $22.99.


FlipBelt Reflective Belt: Most running safety gear is uncomfortable and can negatively impact your performance when it matters most. Whether you’re running at night and need visibility clothing, or you’re required to wear a PT belt, the FlipBelt Reflective PT Belt is your best bet for visibility. It is made with high quality moisture wicking micropoly fabric and stretch-friendly, ultra-reflective 3M materials.  Make safety your top priority with reflective training gear that won’t get in your way. Retail $32.99

FlipBelt Water Bottle— Beating the summer heat has never been easier. Designed specifically to pair with the FlipBelt, their new water bottles keep staying hydrated while exercising easier and more comfortable than ever.  Its flat design allows the bottle to slide comfortably into the FlipBelt’s wide pocket without the feeling of heaviness and bulkiness that other hydration packs carry.  The bottles are made from safe BPA free materials and include a soft bite silicon mouthpiece.  They are dishwasher friendly and can be purchased in a 6oz or 11oz size. Retail $8.99-$9.99


FlipBelt products can be purchased at various retailers across the nation including Bed Bath & Beyond, and Brookestone, or online at www.flipbelt.com.

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