Produced by Jeff Nichols and Sonny Mallhi

Written and Directed by Rachel Lambert


IN THE RADIANT CITY will make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, September 11th at 1:00pm at the Scotiabank 13.

Synopsis: Twenty years ago, in the town of Medina, Kentucky, seventeen-year old Michael Yurley committed an unthinkable murder. His younger brother, Andrew, was the only witness to the crime and his testimony sent Michael to prison for life. The trial, the crime, and its infamy tore their family apart. Michael’s case is up for re-sentencing, and his lawyer, eager for a win, has summoned Andrew back to the place and people he fled, including a sister who rejected him for a blood betrayal and a mother distraught by the loss of her sons. Andrew develops an unlikely friendship with a young girl, Beth, who turns out to be more connected to him than he thinks. Can Beth lead Andrew down the path to relieve Andrew and his family of the stigma that has haunted them for the past twenty years?

Produced by Jeff Nichols (Loving, Mud) and Sonny Mallhi (The Strangers, The Lake House), In The Radiant City is written and directed by Nichols’ protégé Rachel Lambert and features a cast of Paul Sparks (Midnight Special, The Girlfriend Experience), Marin Ireland (Mildred Pierce, Homeland), Michael Abbott Jr. (Loving, Mud), Madisen Beaty (The Master, Aquarius) and Celia Weston (American Horror Story, Modern Family). A Candlewood Entertainment Production.

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