Revealing the Inner Beauty—Preity Uupala

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.47.21 PMPriety Uupala is an international model, media person, producer and a business woman, working hard and making a huge difference everyday to people’s lives she meets is her motto.

A positive person who radiates energy even talking long distance, Preity is a delight to speak and interact with. She started in the corporate world as an investment banker and a business analyst before entering the glamour world.

Preity is popular in China for accepting award by Jackie Chan at the Asia Pacific Film Festival for a Bengali film Janala. She has also hosted Moscow International Film Festival and has won pageants Miss Earth Australia and Miss India Australia in 2009 and Miss India America in 2010.

Preity shares her thoughts and progress in her personal and professional life.

What is the buzz in your professional life?

Preity Uupala: What a year it has been! Been having a lot of fun shooting a lot of commercials, you can see me featured as the principal in several commercials running currently, Heineken, Dos Equis, HP, Facebook, Pepsi half time, and Coca Cola.

I was featured in the final commercial for the brand Dos Equis beer- “Mission to Mars”.

I am also being featured in a beauty documentary, which interviewed me about ‘real’ beauty and my experience in beauty pageants and the modeling industry. I always had a different and specific intent with these, so my experience and expectation were quite the opposite of most girls who get into that world. In addition to this, I appear on the National Geographic show, Hacking the System which takes an in depth look at the issue of psychics and mediums.

Let us talk about your modeling and appearances.

I have been busy shooting campaigns with doing features for various magazines.

Any movie offers? Or are you planning on producing one?

I have decided to produce my own TV show in the near future on the lines of spirituality.

On a more personal note, My quest for spiritual knowledge and evolution has led me to explore spirituality both within myself as well as in powerful vortexes around the world. This unique show takes a profound, transformative journey through the world truly inspiring the viewers to embark on their own personal journey in search of inner peace and happiness. I shot a pilot for the show and of course India was the first destination we visited. I had a mystical experience visiting places such as Rishikesh and Hardiwar and the banks of the holy Ganges River. I had a professional photo shoot at the Taj Mahal, which was very special and intimate.

In 2016, I have also manifested the opportunity of launching a spiritual podcast/ radio show with Universal Broadcasting network here at Sunset Gower studios called “The Eternal hour”. This is an enlightening look at spirituality in the modern day- especially in Hollywood. Real inner success within, rather than outer worldly success. out there. Why is it that the void has become so large, the disconnect so great and what is the answer? These are the most important questions one needs to answer now. I see this being an authentic expression of who I am and want to share more in this realm.

What else is happening in your career? What plans do you have?

2016 has been a year that has seen me take on the role of a Global ambassador of several lifestyle brands such as Oenoviva, PenApp, Thea Resorts, Chloe and Isabelle Jewelry and Goddess getaways.

I have been appointed the global brand ambassador of Australian lifestyle brand- Oenoviva. Oenoviva is the premiere Urban Winery brand in the world. I will be the face and voice for the brand in specific regions like India and Dubai.

I am the face of is Penapp- it is a social media networking app, with instant messaging capabilities and I am one of the first celebrities to endorse and promote it around the world.

A recent achievement has been an inaugural trip to Beijing to attend the FPA Board meeting- with members of the FPA- Federation of Producers Association, Asia Pacific. I have been a board member of the FPA and head delegate for the APFF Asia Pacific Film Festival for past 6 years. This board meeting was crucial as it opened the dialogue between the Chinese/ Asian film industry and Hollywood. I also spoke on the future of movie industry in Asia.

How about involvements in social causes for women?

I am proud to be an ambassador for GWEN- Global Women’s Empowerment network and Safe Passage- a women’s empowerment foundation. And I feel very privileged to be a part of these causes and lend my voice to them.

–By Ranga Rajah

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