Not very long ago, a Western University studying the behavior of heavenly bodies and recording the sounds emitted by them, concluded that the sound of om is the sound which the sun gives out. Ofcourse, they called it the sound emitted from transverse pulling of the guitar string, but still no one has ever conducted such a research, kudos to this university for reintroducing us to the power of om, which has been called as the eternal sound of creation by the vedic masters. Now we have modern science backing this!

Vedas are the source of everything. Time and again, great men across cultures have turned back to the vedas to find an answer to the deepest secrets of creation, be it the working and properties of heavenly bodies, complex theories of science and geometry, or the undying quest to find a solution to an ageing body…

In deep states of dhyan, I have encountered rishis and yogis, with long lustrous hair, flawless body, glowing skin and youthful radiance…how is it that the vedic masters could maintain their youth till the very end while modern men struggle to hide their grey locks as early as 25?

Recently, it was found in a study that eating less and fasting can lead to a longer lifespan. In another  study researchers concluded that adequate sleep is the key to staying young. These studies, although incomplete and unable to address the issue of ageing in totality, are great efforts to reintroduce us to certain concepts, which were given by the vedic rishis eons ago.

After two decades of extensive research on the being and practically experiencing and seeing the working of various layers of the body, I have come to conclude that ageing works at a cellular level and touches upon all organ systems of the body. With every breath you take in, every activity you are engaged in and every thought that enters you, you are constantly ageing. Tackling ageing calls for taking the body as a whole and in totality, and not focusing on any one aspect, say diet or sleep, in isolation.

The book, ‘Sanatan Kriya: The Ageless Dimension’, which was written two years prior to these western researches, addresses the issue of ageing in totality and discusses these concepts in far greater detail. In the following articles, we will discuss how to hold and increase vitality of the body and also how to maintain its beauty, glow and strength naturally, without the side effects of modern chemicals as detailed in the book. I am not saying you will become physically immortal but you will leave your body, you won’t die.

Yogi Ashwini is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Foundation and can be reached

— By  Yogi Ashwini


  1. Amazing. It’s all threads in the Vegas yet we are still reluctant to acknowledge it. Waiting eagerly for the next articles. Thank you Sir for writing about this.


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