By Kris Trudeau

When the Robots We Create Become Determined to Destroy Us

In 2097, the missing link to true Artificial Intelligence is discovered when conventional robots are programmed with human personalities and feelings, giving them the desire to “be.” These freethinking, independent robots struggle to understand their own existence and soon discover a dislike for the inefficiencies and materialism of human society. Quietly, they strive to free their race from human constraints and their population explosion goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Now, a team must travel 80 years into the past to enlist the help of Owen Taylor, claiming he’s the sole person who possesses the knowledge that can help.

In her debut novel TimeShift, Kris Trudeau has created a gripping journey of suspense, drama and sci-fi action spanning 900 years in 185 days. Four interconnected storylines turn up the heat in this futuristic mystery techno-thriller.

  • The many strong female characters in TimeShift and society’s growing appreciation for strong female characters in general
  • Dangers our society faces by becoming too reliant on technology, especially in regards to the development of artificial intelligence
  • The many ethical and moral issues surrounding the usage of intelligent robots
  • Her advice to women interested in creating a career path for themselves in web design or other STEM fields
  • How the various parts of Canada that she calls home have inspired her writing

“One of my favorite themes in TimeShift is the warning about ‘innovation at all costs,’” says Trudeau. “The expansion of human intelligence and innovation is growing at blinding pace and does not always wait for ethical debate and most importantly, law-making to catch up. For the most part, anybody can research, invent or make advancements in their field of interest. If personal motivations drive these activities, be it human curiosity, the profit-seeking of an investor, or a desire to leave one’s ‘mark’ on humanity, the debate of ethics and even necessity can fall by the wayside. The result is that advancements are made in areas like genetics, deadly viruses, and weaponry, and when ethical debate is regarded as merely opinion, it may only be a matter of time before we create something that we can’t fully control.”

Kris Trudeau lives in on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The completion of her debut novel, TimeShift, marks the end of a six-year journey that began in Winnipeg, Manitoba from where she originally hails. Owner of a website development and graphic design firm, Trudeau spends her days helping organizations across Canada grow their businesses. Writing became a passion for Trudeau in the last decade both in business and for leisure. For fiction, she finds the creative process to be a fascinating, magical experience and is looking forward to exploring several ideas for future stories.

For more information about TimeShift visit www.TimeShift-Novel.com

TimeShift is currently available on Amazon.com and through a variety of bookstores in the Comox Valley, British Columbia. You can find a full list of local vendors here.

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