Vandana Vishwas Announces World Premiere of ‘Parallels’

Indo-Canadian musician Vandana Vishwas has announced the World Premiere of her third full length music album ‘Parallels’ in Mississauga, ON on 11 November 2016, by hands of Hon. MPP and Minister responsible for Senior Affairs, Ms. Dipika Damerla. Several eminent personalities from music industry and noted south Asian community achievers are expected to attend the event.

Classically trained in Indian Classical music, winner of Toronto Independent Music Award’s ‘Best World’, Mississauga Arts Council’s Marty, US Indies Vox-Pop, ICACI’s Woman Hero and many other awards and an ex-All India Radio artist, Vandana Vishwas is also an architect, a profession she pursued for more than 22 years, shaping the skylines of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai and Toronto, before giving it up a couple of years back, to follow her passion – music.

Till date, Vandana has composed, arranged, produced and sung two critically acclaimed and award winning full length music albums. Her debut album ‘Meera – The Lover’ (2009), was based on legendary 16th century Indian poet/queen Meera Bai, and her second album ‘Monologues’ (2013), was an assortment of contemporary south Asian music forms such as Ghazals, Geet and light Thumris. Legendary ‘Bollywood’ playback singer Suresh Wadkar released the album in India. Vandana has also composed, produced and sung a single ‘Samarsiddha’ (2014), which was the theme track for UK based novelist Sandeep Nayyar’s debut Hindi novel by same name, published by Penguin.

Known for her bold and out-of-box experiments with various mainstream and ethnic genres of music, Vandana says her new album ‘Parallels’ is first of its kind experiment where one can see collaboration of south Asian music with so many different genres of music in a single album. ‘I have collaborated with leading Canadian and Indian talents including Juno nominees and Grammy winners in this album.’ says Vandana. Upon being asked to elaborate on the title ‘Parallels’, Vandana says ‘I have tried to maintain the integrity of genres in my collaborations. I like when two genres of music run parallel to each other and see what they have common in each other, instead of compromising and trying to blend with each other, losing both of their characteristics. Apart from this, I find it fascinating how the same melody, when interpreted in two different genres of music, changes itself completely. I have tried to demonstrate this by creating musical ‘Parallels’! You’ll have to listen to the album to experience what I am saying.’

The CDs and MP3s of the album will be available for online ordering as of 11 November 2016 through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and all other leading online portals. The album can also be directly ordered through e-mail to The album is already available for pre-ordering on iTunes and Amazon.

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