Filmmakers, media and esteemed industry professionals gathered at the AGO (317 Dundas St. W., Toronto) in Toronto with special guests Sundance Now curator George Schmalz and General Manager of Sundance Now and Sundance TV Jan Diedrichsen on the evening of March 22, to celebrate the official launch of AMC Networks’ ad-free streaming platform, Sundance Nowin Canada. As a special for the Canadian launch, Canadian filmmaker, Bruce McDonald curates a special collection including his favourite films, which have inspired his career.

“I’m thrilled that Sundance Now asked me to be part of their official Canadian launch. My collection is very special to me, as it represents a distinct voice in the independent and doc filmmaking scene,” McDonald says of his collaboration with Sundance Now. “Sundance Now has done an excellent job of representing Canadian filmmakers on their platform, and I’m thrilled that it is now available in Canada.”
Sundance Now launches with hand-selected and award-winning documentary, art-house and independent films from around the globe and upcoming exclusive premieres including the hard-hitting documentary GAZA SURF CLUB (2016), which follows youth as they yearn to escape the hopelessness of war-torn Gaza city, lands on the platform on March 31; TRAVEL MAN starring British funny-man Richard Ayoade and celebrity guests including Chris O’ Dowd and Paul Rudd, premiering in April; Universally acclaimed French political thriller THE BUREAU premieres its third season exclusively on Sundance Now in Summer of 2017; And TAKE 5: A MORE PERFECT PATRIOT, the second season and second instalment of Sundance Now’s original content series that pulls back the curtain on American life in five 5-minute documentaries.

Sundance Now brings sophisticated content that was otherwise undiscovered to our members. Whether its documentaries, indie films or art-house – there is content out there that deserves to be seen,” says Sundance Now curator George Schmalz. “We are excited to bring this fresh and independently-minded content to Canada and are excited to see who else we can collaborate with.”

With its strong curatorial voice, Sundance Now’s library includes a growing and unparalleled selection of film, docs and TV series – all hand-selected by George Schmalz. Sundance Now’s expansive library is well organized into specific categories that makes discovery of otherwise unknown talents and films easy. From A Presidential Primer hosting films that inform and educate on the political histories of America to Artists At Work for fresh perspectives from inside the studios of the world’s greatest actors, painters, designers and playwrights to Stories from Around the World, exploring a colourful mosaic of cities and narratives.



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