for my beautiful mother

–by SaraRaza

Oh Mother,
I look at the untouched desert plains and they remind me of you
The desert is so organic in it’s beauty, and you my Mother are every token of beautiful
I remember you and I see your deeply fierce eyes and I try to memorize the wrinkles on your hands and the way your favourite rings fit
But Mother when I watch the sun rising, I only feel your warmth
The golden sun in its prime glory, the empires of lands and waters at its horizon
But you are both the sun and striking moon, you do not take note of night from day
Mother, I see the freshly cut green grass that smells of perfection and I am reminded of your free spirited wisdom and worthy advice
But I don’t forget our fresh lawn cut at the dawn of evening as you wipe sweat of your forehead
I walk past the ancient lamp post illuminating the corners within, and I cannot forget your noor, and your intellect setting standard by example
But when I hear the first bird at the crack of dawn, like it your presence alone is salvation

Mother, your heart is a flowing river that doesn’t stop giving, you stretch far and wide that the oceans feel so rich with your unwavering gratitude
Oh Mother, I wish I could enclose your essence in an envelope kept in my back pocket, so I can inhale when I feel empty of you
My aching desire is to look at myself in the mirror and see you

I wrote this poem for my Mom in a book I gifted her over the summer.

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