Indus Community Services (Indus) hosts a day-long Seniors Symposium

In celebration of the Seniors Month, Indus Community Services (Indus) hosted a day-long Seniors Symposium. Over 185 seniors, dressed in colourful ethnic costumes attended the event.

Kamalesh Visavadia, Director, Health Services welcomed the lively gathering on behalf of Gurpreet S.
Malhotra, CEO and the Indus Board of Directors. Kamalesh shared with the group that “Indus is in the
process of developing a new 12 week wellness program and more information will be forthcoming over
the next few months.”

In an informative session titled, ‘The Fruits and Nuts of Better Brain Health’, was presented by Carol
Greenwood, Nutritional Neuroscientist, University of Toronto. One tip shared was that a Mediterranean
diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish whole grains, cereals and pulses lowers your risk of cognitive

Carol said, “We don’t need to see aging as an inevitable loss of function and there is a
wealth of information demonstrating the power of wise lifestyle choices in supporting brain functions,
including mood and cognition memory.”

Later during the day, seniors enthusiastically participated in dance performances, poetry recitation, and
short skits. “It is wonderful opportunity for our various seniors groups to meet, socialize and share their
talents,” said Kanchan Zala, Senior Wellness Group, Mississauga. The entertaining day also included,
several raffle prizes and a delicious South Asian lunch.

The event provided seniors with an opportunity to meet other seniors from our different sites, discuss
needs and gaps in services, as well as to interact and socialize with each other.

For more information about our Health Services, please contact Indus Community Services at
905-361-0463 in Mississauga and 905-595-1669 in Brampton.

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