New York: Bollywood & Broadway Bedazzle!!

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Most people visit Times Square for the ambiance and the billboards spectacle. But the past weekend was extra special for visitors like us.

The center of New York City was transformed into a buzzing blend of music, dance and fashion with IIFA Stomp.  New Yorkers and tourists were treated to a spectacular performance on July 13th.  IIFA Stomp raised the crowd’s energy levels featuring a host of talented artists from the world of Indian cinema!

Bollywood actors   showcased their dancing skills at IIFA Stomp alongside amazing DJs, as they raised the excitement with their unique music. Another facet to IIFA Stomp was a glamorous Fashion Show right in the heart of the city!

Apart from this spectacular event, the financial district was bustling, Chinatown was as quirky and enticing as ever, there was no need to venture elsewhere for a complete New York weekend.  Times Square like always, was a constantly buzzing tourist magnet; no wonder the Square is one of the most visited places in the world.

What brought us to the city was, as mentioned, the celebrated IIFA Awards that took over the city of New York with a dazzling awards show bringing together the biggest names of Bollywood in celebration of Indian Cinema. Giving Indian cinema a global platform, the Awards was held at the iconic MetLife Stadium at New York.

Although it was a wrap for IIFA on Saturday, July 15th, our fun extended a little further.

Going to New York and not experiencing Broadway was unacceptable to the family.  You can’t go to New York City, the theatre capital of the world, and come back without seeing a show.  So that brings us to ‘Chicago’ the musical that still impresses audiences. A Broadway musical that has lasted thousands of performances, played at Ambassador Theatre, New York, “Chicago” still glitters! It’s brash, gives us the razzle-dazzle and continues to hypnotize.

The Statue of Liberty is spectacular to see up close (she’s as big as you imagine), and we got an excellent view from the National Park on Saturday morning.  A different perspective of New York, the quiet, peaceful and serene atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle. Or was it the rain? Oh well…

With so much packed into our 4 day visit, it’s a frantic schedule and we find creative ways to make the most of the limited time we have.  In between the awards show, the musical and dining out, we caught up with cousins across the Brooklyn Bridge as well.

There’s much more to New York and we have not scratched the surface yet!

Four days is barely enough to squeeze so many activities in and we maximized on our fun and excitement in the city that never sleeps.

Love NYC! See you soon!!


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