Kailash Kher rips it up at Celebration Square in Mississauga!

— Lachman Balani

 On Saturday Aug 12, 2017, the Celebration Square witnessed the likes of a concert never experienced before!

Padma Shri (India’s fourth highest civilian award) winner, singer Kailash Kher, took the stage at Celebration Square for TD Mosiac’s 12th annual festival. The organizers brought him and his band all the way from India to perform! Throngs of people had gathered to see this living legend. There were so many people that the grounds were jam packed and late comers had to sit on the stairs by the fountains behind the grounds to soak in the music.

The crowd went wild when Kailash stomped onto the stage with his lion’s mane of hair. He and his band, Kailasa, regaled the crowd for an almost 2 hour free concert. The audience knew every last one of his songs- not just the popular Bollywood tunes but even his folk and sufi music and sang along. Kailash was totally impressed that the patrons knew so much and even expressed his amazement to the public.

Song after song, the audience joined in totally pleasing and energizing Kailash and his band to  put even more heart and soul into their performance. Kailash even invited an artist from Toronto to join in for a few moments and wow everybody with his expertise on the flute.

Of course no show can be complete without the frontman asking members of the audience to come on stage and join him in singing and dancing along. Many girls jumped at the chance and up they went. Kailash sure made their day as they grooved along with him and clicked selfies.

The concert continued with fast moving energetic songs intercalated with folk, gospel and sufi music with massive audience interaction. Everyone was going wild applauding thunderously and whistling loudly after every song. The crowd even switched on the customary lights on their phones in appreciation. The atmosphere was electric! It was a sight to see!

Indeed it was a night to remember! The energy in the air was greater than the lightning and storm that struck the Southern Ontario region the night before, for this was no mere mortal, this was Kailash Kher!!!


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