Chill at Crystal Clear Charming Coastline!

The Coast is Clear. Fort Erie’s Crystal Beach is a well-guarded (or not?) secret among Ontarians. The “best beach” destination (out of the mouths of kids) sounds like feeble praise. With miles of coastline, Crystal Beach holds its own as idyllic spot you’d want to spend on a Sunday afternoon in summer.

Crystal Beach is more of a Caribbean type of sandy beach, a family-friendly enclave which attracts kids and grown-ups as well. Lake Erie’s cool, clear waters draws a lot of travelers on summer weekends from across Niagara, Western New York and the GTA.

We picked a perfect day, when the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The water was reliably calm, for the kids to play some watersports and swim. Walking on the sandy shores was a pleasure on its own. Add to it, the company of your trusted friends and family, the charisma of the picturesque beauty doubles! What was especially satisfying was there was something for everyone. Seniors in the family sat in the shade sipping tea, teens were busy clicking selfies and the little ones building sand castles!

There is something about the waters (lake, river, ocean, whatever it maybe), that has the power to inspire and soothe at the sometime. It reminds us of our tiny place in universe. Real or filtered through our semi-reliable childhood lens, the shorelines seem like perfect paradise. Is it any wonder then, that so many of us choose spend our precious vacation days on or around water?

As I approached the placid waves, the surface was as clear as the morning sky. When I walk closer and dip my feet(first), I scream with excitement and then adjust my body to the cool temperature. I plunge deeper, swaying with the currents to join our gang, who were already in there, playing some sort of game. The sounds of splashing waves, the dozens of boats in the distance, the birds- all of these anchored the soul.

The only time to change out of swimsuits was at sunset. After indulging in the scenery and lush landscapes with unique shore side discoveries that enriched and fascinated. When we were all satisfied with exploring the timeless waterways of Lake Erie. Now it was time for us to depart form the tourists’ mecca of white sand beaches.

Dinner time! Our fun-loving group decides to cross the border and go over to Buffalo. Ready for more smiles! For us, the Italian cuisine at Olive Gardens has been a traditional, long-lasting affair, over the decade. Happiness multiplied!

Moral of the story: Discover Ontario’s sandy beaches. These stretch as far as the eye can see and are perfect for picnicking, swimming or just kick-back relaxing. The combination of sun, sand and skyline views at these great beaches are to be experienced, rather than described.

Crystal beach with its clear waters and awesome coastline charms – children and the childlike! Cheers to summer!!


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