MIAMI by Zaida Bergroth – sisterhood tested in exotic dancing thriller

TIFF Contemporary World Cinema

Finnish director Zaida Bergroth (THE GOOD SON, TIFF ’11) returns to Toronto with her third feature MIAMI, her latest examination of complex family relationships in which a person can either find or lose oneself.

Angela (29) blows into a small town in the Finnish countryside, dazzling the locals with her exotic dancer troupe, sequined swirls and mega-watt smile. After a nasty encounter backstage she leaves town just as fast, only now with her estranged half-sister Anna (21) in tow. Anna gladly exchanges a dreary life in a bakery for an adrenaline-fueled existence on stage. Happy to be closer to her glamorous older sister, she embraces the world of exotic dancing. But none of the champagne bubbles, sparkly make-up and happy house beats can protect her as she tries blackmail to save Angela from the trouble that keeps following her. Dark forces from the underworld test their newly found sisterhood.

Zaida Bergroth: “After reading about some highly public scandals involving dancers, I became intrigued by how these kinds of women were portrayed in the media: how easily they were objectified, ridiculed and looked down upon. I wanted to challenge that, and to show the sisters in their own terms, avoiding both a moralizing tone and a lurid voyeuristic gaze. Anna and Angela are complex and fallible, and not defined by their relations to men, but by the love they have for each other.”


PublicSept 12 @ 6.30pm, Scotiabank 3
Sept 14 @ 5.45pm, Scotiabank 3
Sept 16 @ 9.30am, Scotiabank 11

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