Foods at the 2017 Canadian National Exhibition

There’s no denying that food at the CNE attracts visitors from far and wide who are eager to indulge in all of the
delicious and sometimes down-right crazy culinary concoctions. Food has become an unofficial ‘main event’ at
Canada’s largest fair, which is known for its classics ranging from the hot ice cream waffles on the Midway to the
international flavours found inside the iconic Food Building.

Those looking to feast on a budget will also find plenty of $5 value items to be enjoyed throughout the fairgrounds that will keep both your stomach and wallet happy.

2017 CNE Food Highlights:

BACON NATION: Because everything is better with bacon! This year, Bacon Nation will debut their Pancake Bacon
Tacos: fluffy buttermilk pancakes stuffed with a combination of fried and scrambled egg, topped with tomato,
green pepper, onion and maple bacon strips, and drizzled with chipotle syrup. For lunch, grab their Canada 150
inspired All-Canadian Red Hot Burger and cool down with a Charcoal Lemonade! (Bacon Nation, Food Building)
BUG BISTRO: An ice cream to scream about…Bug Bistro will be serving up their brand new Cricket Cone: vanilla
soft serve in a cone, coated in toasted coconut and topped with chocolate roasted crickets. (Bug Bistro, Food

CAKE SHACK: New to the CNE, Cake Shack specializes in outrageous hand-held desserts. Get ready for a sugar rush
as you take on their Sugar Mountain: Brownie stacked with a scoop of cheesecake, as well as a sugar cone dipped
in white chocolate, confetti doughnut, cotton candy, and a dusting of powdered sugar. (Cake Shack, Food Building)
CHLOE’S DOUGHNUT ICE CREAM: When a regular cone just isn’t sweet enough, stop by this new CNE concession
and indulge in ice cream available in a variety of flavours, served inside a freshly-baked doughnut. (Chloe’s
Doughnut Ice Cream, Midway)
THE COLOSSAL COLISEUM: Breaded veal and a pulled pork panzerotti on a Kaiser bun with sweet BBQ sauce,
creamy slaw and jalapenos; topped with two deep fried brownies for dessert. (San Francesco’s Italian Sandwiches,
Food Building)
DEEP FRIED CHICKEN FEET: Crispy chicken feet served on a stick. Go ahead…we dare you! (Coco Concessions,
DRAGON’S BREATH CREPE: The molecular chemists at Eative have concocted a way to transform CNE guests into
dragons! When combined with liquid nitrogen and eaten, this crepe produces a fog-like gas that guests can blow
through their nose and mouth. (Eative, Food Building)
FARM TO FRYER: Farm to Fryer is back this year with more deep fried delicacies such as Deep Fried Frog Legs and
Cod Tongue served with tartar sauce; the Turpiggy Torpedo: deep fried pork belly and turkey with cranberry mayo
and cheddar on a torpedo bun; Fried Mac and Curd Chimichanga: macaroni and cheese curds stuffed in a burrito
shell and deep fried; and Cheese Stuffed Doritos: marble cheddar coated in a Dorito crust and deep fried. (Farm to
Fryer, Food Building)
FRAN’S RESTAURANT: If you’re in the mood for some comfort food, Fran’s is serving up plenty of new home-style
dishes such as the Southern Slang: buttermilk chicken on a cinnamon sweet bun, topped with house-made slaw
and dressed in a chocolate Sriracha sauce; and Peanut Butter Sriracha Bites: deep fried sweet dough stuffed with
a peanut butter Sriracha filling, dusted with cinnamon icing sugar and drizzled with chocolate syrup. (Fran’s
Restaurant, Food Building)
THE GREAT CANADIAN: Deep fried cheese curds sprinkled with icing sugar and served with pure Canadian Maple
Syrup…sounds delicious, eh? (The King of Curds, Midway)
THE JUICY OINK: Pork five ways, in one bun! Slow roasted five-spice pork belly, slow roasted pulled pork shoulder,
sweet longanisa sausage, crispy pork skin, and a Shanghai pork soupy dumpling are stuffed inside this flavour
explosion topped with Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, and honey apple slaw. (Hot Bunzz Street Cuisine,
Food Building)
MELT MY HEART: Comfort food at its best! A new vendor to the CNE, Melt My Heart is bringing a twist to a classic
– the grilled cheese. Try their Rolled Grilled Cheese Dippers: grilled cheese, rolled up and made perfect for
dipping, and served with the sauce of your choice; or the Tropical Twist: fresh pineapple and ham added to a
Hawaiian-themed grilled cheese and the Mediterranean: grilled cheese sandwich with pesto, sundried tomatoes,
mozzarella and feta cheese. (Melt My Heart, Midway)
MEXICAN HOT DOG: Hot Diggity! Mr. Mike’s is serving up an array of gourmet hotdogs, including a Mexican
hotdog served in a tortilla, smothered in chilli, cheese, salsa and topped with jalapenos, cilantro, avocado and
slaw. (Mr. Mike’s, Midway)
SPAGHETTI DONUT BALLS: Spaghetti like you have never had it before! Fritta is offering two delicious deep fried
spaghetti donut balls at this year’s fair. A Sweet Option: a fried spaghetti ball tossed with sugar and cinnamon and
drizzled in chocolate sauce; and a Savoury Option: a fried spaghetti ball mixed with fresh Italian herbs and
parmesan cheese and topped with tomato sauce. (Fritta, Food Building)
STRAWBERRY SHORTSTEAK: Who said there’s no time for dessert? Philthy Philly’s has created a hybrid of its
famous cheesesteak covered in provolone cheese, topping it with strawberry sauce and icing sugar – all
sandwiched between a sweet donut bun. (Philthy Philly’s, Food Building)

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