The ICFF is ecstatic to see the Italian flair woven into the 2017 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, running from September 7th – September 17th in various theatres throughout the city.

TIFF has a substantial line-up of Italian content in its film selection this year, with a strong presence featuring 10 films and 3 shorts – all spectacular works and all a definite must-see. 

With a heightened number of Italian films being screened this year at TIFF, the countdown is on to commence the annual Toronto festival, from the 7th until the17th of September. To start off, the World Premiere of Rainbow: A Private Affair by powerhouse brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani brings us into a film inspired by Beppe Fenoglio’s novel about new love and dealing with the realities of the world they live in.

Arriving fresh from the Venetian Film Festival, the International Premiere of Paolo Virzì’s The Leisure Seeker, with Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland holds one of the most prestigious places during the festival as a Gala Presentation while North American Premiere Hannah by Andrea Pallaoro, and starring the talented Charlotte Rampling who captivates her audience. Jonas Carpignano’s International Premiere of A Ciambra will be here in Toronto after successfully stopping in Cannes and gaining the recognition plus the support of both critics and the public alike.
This edition of TIFF has a plethora of films invited to participate that have a connection to Italy; highly anticipated North American Premiere Looking for Oum Kulthum by Shirin Neshat who created a co-production between Germany, Austria, Italy, Lebanon and Qatar, while Jan Zabeil’s North American Premiere of Three Peaks is a story that makes one ponder the concept and perceptions of family, and a German-Italian co-production.

Tulipani, Love, Honour and a Bicycle debuts as a World Premiere by Mike van Diem, starring ICFF 2017 guests: the talented Ksenia Solo and box office superstar Giancarlo Giannini.
The ‘Special Presentations’ component of TIFF will include Call Me by Your Nameby Luca Guadagnino, already hand picked by Berlin e Sundance and distributed by Mongrel Media, the giant independent Canadian film distributor, a close friend of the ICFF.

In the short and doc line-up, the World Premiere of Anna Marziano’s Beyond the One focuses on human love relationships in their various stages and is part of the featured Wavelenghts category, as is Some Cities, a Canadian production by Italian director Francesco Gagliardi who uses the science of light to artistically display his miniature and choreographed performance. Mon amour mon ami by Adriano Valerio will be part of the ‘Short Cuts’ section, a documentary about an Italian female who’s unsure of her Moroccan fiancé’s true intentions given his immigration situation, while Ticino is an Italian-Austrian co-production that follows the river from where it begins in Switzerland until the connection to Po river near Pavia, Lombardy and is directed by Friedl vom Gröller. This film can be seen as part of the Wavelengths 2: Fluid Frontiers event.  

To add even further Italian colouring in this year’s edition at TIFF, Let the Corpes Tan by Hélène Cattet and French-Italian Bruno Forzani brings us this thriller, in the form of a gang of thieves running throughout a Mediterranean hamlet. Then there’s The Death of Stalin directed by Armando Iannucci who’s internationally recognized for his brilliance in political satire, and son to an Italian who emigrated from Naples to open a pizza shop in Scotland.
Please visit the website www.icff.ca for further information and details throughout the festival.

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