Love for life and learning from it is a beautiful reality!

-Rima Das, Film Director ‘Village Rockstars’

Rima Das’ Assamese film, Village Rockstars had its World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2017  on September 8th. It  is the only Indian film to be screened in the competition section, DISCOVERY, which features directors from across the world to watch out for.

The movie is about a girl, Dhunu, who has grown up in deprivation. She learns to fend for herself in the hostile surroundings while nurturing her dream to own a guitar  for her tiny band of village Rockstars someday.  She and the gangs of boys want to form a rock band. But later the boys slowly stop perusing their dream, whereas Dhunu continues dreaming to own a guitar. Her faith becomes strong when she reads about law of attraction in a newspaper article. Her unconventional and nonconformist mother raises her with steadfast determination, giving her full freedom of expression and encouraging her to fulfill her dreams. After her father’s death her mother taking all the responsibilities realizes that it is important that a girl should be qualify herself.

But beyond the poverty of her living, attacks nature’s fury as her village is flooded and worse than that: the societal restrictions that assail her from the day she reaches puberty. Can Dhunu achieve her simple dream or will she, like hundreds of millions of girls in her situation across the world, have to give up on it!


A dream or a target that you work on daily basis and see it arrives!

Wonder about the gift the Universe throws at us. I stay firmly resolved with the idea that hard work and no expectations and wholesome fun open possibilities, opens doors!
My tribute to my children in the film who gave the most remarkable performance ,time and believing in me!

The integrity and power of truth in everything you do, done or going to do matters at this level of selection and competition. It’s hard work I tell you, but so very satisfying!

I planned Village Rockstars 3 years ago to be exactly in this spot. You see the journey that I showed in the film will have many unknowns thrown at you, but really that is life isn’t it. I stayed with this vision while planning every shot, my actors helped me. Being first timers, without ego, power of innocence and honesty of children, helped me to achieve my frame.

I think love for life and learning from it, is a beautiful reality. While I compete for India, with the best in the world, I feel glad that I stayed truthful to my vision all this time.

Recognition such as this,will remain a reminder to me to benchmark my future work. Towards that, I welcome tomorrow.

For those who would like to catch the screening at tiff, you can do so tomorrow @   1.00PM           Scotia Bank 11 (227)

Enjoy !





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