Charming Cleveland: Clan, Culture & Cuyahoga!

 Are you gone again this weekend? To Cleveland? Exactly!

That’s been a ritual for the past decade or so. It’s more of a family visit than a getaway. This city, which used to be known as urban decay for the longest time is actually a haven of culture and cuisine. And close enough to Toronto for a quick drive, a short trip.

Our visits to this city-even though not a dream vacation- always ends up being a lot of fun(not to mention our loving family!). The road trips, when we go practically tech-free are a perfect time for catching up with our teen-adult kids.  We don’t need two-dimensional images to be happy. We could talk.  The route is very simple, we all know it like the back of our hand.

Our car would be packed with samosas, sandwiches, water and all kinds of snacks   from the Indian grocery store. Even with years of   experience, we of the opinion that there is no food available off I-90. That doesn’t prevent us from taking a mandatory break at Angola.

It’s a highway, after all, and despite being lined with beautiful trees and rolling green fields. When you’re surrounded by a storybook landscape, a road trip doesn’t feel like one. The drive is always fun as we go through New York and Pennsylvania to reach Ohio.

The word Cleveland may conjure up images of derelict factories and shuttered steel mills, rather than a   delightful break. But this city formerly key notch in America’s Rust Belt, has come a long way back from industrial oblivion. It is now a city with attractions, culture and cuisine.

The factories are now a haven for artists and designers, or hosts for living history tours. The annual Thyagaraja Festival (Carnatic music) which takes place in the Spring every year draws visitors from across the globe. Singers, instrumental players, students, teachers, parents and several artistes vie to participate in this South Indian classical music competition. Similarly, the Playhouse Square hosts several talented artistes who have large following across the globe. And of course, we cannot miss the legendary ‘Rock n Roll’ Hall of Fame Museum!

The Forest city is filled with some great parks and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park within easy access for hiking enthusiasts. During the Fall season you can see some amazingly brilliant hued views. When we visited the Brandywine Falls last weekend, the cool smell of the forest accompanied us as it displayed its autumn glory.

The ‘underdog’ city which is now sprinkled with fairy dust has gifted LeBron James to the world. The Cavaliers in the NBA finals boosted renewed interest in the city and the increase in downtown hotels has expanded the city’s capacity to host both conventioneers and tourists. The award winning chef inspired restaurants, arts and music scene and biomedical startups are luring the millennials, the young and the bright. All of which makes  Saturdays night a fun place to chill for some ice-cream and popcorn!

So, whether it’s white-water rafting in Laurel Highlands River Tours, or thrilling adventure rides in Cedar Point, or the waterslides in Kalahari at Sandusky there’s lots to do and see from kids to teens to grown-ups! Every visit, every trip unfolds something new, something exciting, something fun!!

Thank you family! Let’s plan our next visit here, in-between vacations!!



  1. what? No mention of the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Where Bawa Farokh Bulsara (aka Freddie Mercury) holds his plac in hisotry? besides a host of other grand daddys? Smile! Smile! (I know the pic is there)


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