ReelWorld Film Festival: Spark Conversation and Inspire Social Change

Celebrating its 17th year, Reelworld Film Festival is dedicated to harnessing the power of film and storytelling for social good. As a platform for underrepresented voices, Reelworld showcases Canadian and International films that explore some of the most current and pressing social issues facing the world. In addition to hosting industry panels, workshops and talks, Reelworld showcases narrative features, documentaries, shorts, and music videos, episodic content and VR/360 films that spark conversation and inspire social change.

Founded in 2001 by Tonya Williams, Reelworld is committed to bringing together an inclusive community of influencers from charities, NGOs, education, film, art, public and private sectors, social enterprises, to catalyze social impact through film.

The Festival runs from October 11th to 15th this year, taking audiences on journeys that deeply explore the world’s most pressing social issues from the perspectives of diverse filmmakers. Through socially relevant films, Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, video games, and conversation, Reelworld uses meaningful cinema as a tool for impact on the society.

Watch compelling documentaries, dramas, and short films that explore the world’s untold stories. Choose from films that demand justice, challenge the status quo, and lead the charge for improvement and betterment.

Following the film culture in Toronto, Reelworld stands out by committing itself to a program of socially relevant cinema. Showcasing underrepresented stories and bringing to spotlight the issues that take place in the society is an amazing feat.

Kudos to Reelworld on their wonderful achievement thus far. Looking forward to an incredible lineup!

For tickets, passes and other details pls visit


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