Amazon Adventure Opens October 6 at Ontario Science Centre

 An immersive IMAX® experience based on a true story of  scientific discovery set in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest Opens October 6 at Ontario Science Centre’s Shoppers Drug Mart® OMNIMAX® Theatre

Toronto (October 3, 2017) – AMAZON ADVENTURE traces the 11‐year Amazon rainforest expedition of
naturalist, explorer and scientist Henry Walter Bates, who provided “the beautiful proof” to Charles
Darwin for his then controversial theory of natural selection, the scientific explanation for the
development of life on Earth. AMAZON ADVENTURE is a compelling detective story of peril,
perseverance and success, drawing audiences into the fascinating world of animal mimicry, the natural
phenomenon where one animal adopts the look of another, gaining an advantage to survive. AMAZON
ADVENTURE opens to the public at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto on October 6, 2017; the film’s
run time is 45 minutes.

“This compelling real life story chronicles the search for experimental proof for Darwin’s theory of
natural selection in the remote Amazon basin,” said Maurice Bitran, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Science
Officer, Ontario Science Centre, “providing an inspiring demonstration of the scientific method at work
as well as highlighting the curiosity and perseverance required for scientific breakthrough.”

“The Giant Screen is the ideal format to take audiences to places that they might not normally go; and to
see amazing creatures they might not normally see,” said Executive Producer Jonathan Barker, CEO of
SK Films. “From a humble background, with an unstoppable passion for science and life, Bates played
guitar, had a pet monkey, relied on Amazonian natives to survive and learned many of their languages,
and made crucial contributions to our understanding of the natural world. He should be more widely
known and we’re thrilled to introduce his remarkable story to the public.”

Filmed on location in the lush Amazon, AMAZON ADVENTURE plunges audiences into the breathtaking
beauty and captivating animal behavior of the jungle, home to an array of nature’s masters of mimicry.
Painstakingly researched for three years, AMAZON ADVENTURE enlisted the expertise of more than 100
scientists and historical advisors. The team’s commitment to authenticity resulted in this rigorous re‐
creation, using actual instruments and tools from the 1850s, and incorporating many of Bates’ own
words based on his scientific field notebooks, botanical drawings and butterflies he personally collected
over 160 years ago.

AMAZON ADVENTURE won a total of five awards at the 2017 Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA)
including: Best Film Short Subject, Best Film for Lifelong Learning, Best Original Score for Antonio Pinto,
Best Cinematography for Gerry Vasbenter and Richard Kirby, Best Sound Design for Peter Thillaye.


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