Tune the Thought Channel!

Thankfulness makes us content. That’s what most customs and traditions   have us believe. Is there truth in it? Absolutely! It’s been proven scientifically that an attitude of gratitude is good for mental health. Consequently our physical health. For instance, if you try to keep a buoyant mood, even though you experience challenges – personal or professional you won’t be defeated and deflated by any of the negative issues.
Just like a TV remote which is used to change the channel you do not wish, tune your mind to switch to positive thoughts when things don’t go your way. When you think about what you are grateful for and count your blessings, you automatically feel happier.

Scientific studies have proven that grateful people display higher levels of optimism, enthusiasm and less importance for materialism. Such people are more compassionate, generous and report fewer physical symptoms.

Initially, tuning your thought channels may take practice and may take effort. Eventually, it becomes second nature. As a family, if we set aside sometime during dinner when each member can share what went well with them that day, it would be a great ritual.

It could be anything- a sale, friend’s success in school, a party, beautiful weather or whatever it maybe. Tuning it in a positive direction can be – luckily you had an umbrella with you while walking back from the grocery store and it started pouring! Now you do not complain about the lousy weather! Perhaps there was too much traffic while driving, but you had the opportunity to listen to your favorite C.D! If you are single, you could maintain a journal in which you record your positive thoughts. Young kids can probably make a collage – cut out images that represent good things or draw with crayons. Each day after school showcasing the fun stuff they did that day and saying ‘THANK You’ for!

Creating a gratitude schedule or prayer time when you affirm your blessings is a great way to see the positive aspects of life.  It’s also a brilliant way of showing kids that there is a lot of good around them if they take the time to notice it. Focus on it. Invest your attention, dwell on it. When we pay more attention on the good, the bad and the ugly dwindle or disappear.

Treat your attention with the reverence it warrants. The trend of thoughts from moment to moment has a significant influence on the way your life unfolds. By taking intentional, deliberate control and by wisely investing that attention, you can create an abundance of progressive worth in your life and in your domain.

There’s no denying that it can be an extremely confusing, and   complicated world out there. It’s all too easy for your attention to be kidnapped by fake, meaningless trivia and be drowned in negativity. The remote control is in your hands, your mind to focus your attention on the relevant value-creating aspects.


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. – John F. Kennedy

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