Inner Engineering with SadhGuru

-Dr. Sumathi Vijaybhaskaran

The International Centre, Mississauga, Canada �October 14-15, 2017

It was a special opportunity to directly learn from Sadhguru the Powerful 21 minute Practice “Shambhvi Kriya” which incorporates the breath. This practice aligns our body (entire system), mind and emotions in harmony establishing a chemistry of blissfulness within us.

We had the opportunity to spend some time with Natalie, Vinod, Kalyan, Jennifer, Bakula, Kiran…. and the list of volunteers continue for the occurrence of this magnificent event from around the world. This event marked a historic number of attendees, which was approximately 2200 and there were approximately 600 volunteers to aid in the success of the event.

Namaste Newsline had a great opportunity to attend the Media Meet and be part of the discussions with the organizers and volunteers in the divine presence of Sadhguru. “It is a life changing event”… was the comment shared by all the attendees who we met and had a chance to chit chat. It was a unique opportunity for the attendees to learn this life transforming Kriya directly from Him.

It is rare that He conducts this program Himself and not through another teacher, and this was appreciated by every one gathered at the venue. The vibrant presence of the positive energy was seen in all aspects of the event.

Immense information about the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, at McMinnville, TN was also available at the conference. The Institute is open 365 days a year and welcomes visitors from all walks of life. It has A 39,000 sq ft. meditation hall “Mahima” : the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. More than an impressive structure , it is a potent sphere for self-transformation.

Sadhguru used a process referred to as Prana Pratishtha to impart an energy source for Mahima that is soothing , vibrant and powerful. This was specially done to the visitors to experience what it means to become meditative, without the need for instructions. Mahima is not a place of prayer, but an energized space where people can transform their lives to achieve freedom and a new dimension of perception.


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