Chance at Dance: Balance & Bounce!

Dance party, anyone? Yes, of course!

There’s a dancer in each of us. Everyone can do something, be it just foot tapping or swaying your body with the music. Well, that’s all that you need. So take a chance at dance because that’s one of the best forms of exercise.

It is a fun way to maintain health, stay fit and fight those calories. Not only does it provide physical benefits but it uplifts the mood as well. Even frail, elderly seniors can have a routine which will not only improve their balance but also their gait and cognitive performance. It has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety, so you can bounce back to improved mental health too.

Other forms of exercise can have the same   benefits, but dancing is more appealing because

Social interaction, and fun are mixed together with the workout. In addition to dance studios that offer individual and group lessons, many gyms have dance-fitness classes like Zumba that combine dance and aerobics. Some incorporate styles like belly dancing, Bollywood, and ballet along with Pilates or other core exercises. . Personally, I enjoy dancing –Zumba, Bollywood, Bhangra! I am not trained, probably got the worst moves, but I ‘dance like nobody’s watching’! If there’s a song you just can’t resist, go for it. Never mind what the other person thinks! As long as we don’t step on their toes, we’re ok!

A study by the American Medical Association found that adolescent girls had more positive thoughts and felt more self-confident after dancing. There’s no age limit and this inclusive art is accessible to all. No matter if you like doing ‘The Hokey Pokey’ or ‘Macarena’ or are pro like the contestants of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ everyone has something to gain from this wonderful art form. Right from toddlers to retirees anyone can join in and enjoy the experience.

All of those shimmies and shakes burn energy like you wouldn’t believe almost 300 calories per hour.  The best part is you’re not even thinking about losing the weight while doing it.

All forms of dance however are known to lower your risk of heart disease, help with weight loss, and strengthen the bones and muscles in your legs and hips.  Even wheelchair-users have their own formation-dancing teams, providing a good non-competitive alternative to basketball.

Not only does it have health perks but it can feel good to the soul.  An activity like running on the treadmill may improve cardiovascular endurance and body composition, but an activity like dancing can actually target those two as well as muscular endurance and flexibility. And that’s on top of improved balance, agility, coordination, power, reactivity and speed.

Interested in starting up a dance-based fitness routine? You really don’t need a thing to get started. The simplest solution is to put on your favorite music and move your body in your living room, for a more structured workout buy an exercise dance DVD.

So go ahead, take a chance at dance, bounce back to good health and enjoy a balanced life!

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