St. Louis Sends Love!

Thanksgiving weekend is here- for the Americans I meant! We’re having our American family visit us and are excitedly looking forward to it!

Prior to that, we had other priorities –bring another family member back home! From the US of A! My mother-in-law who cannot travel alone but loves to visit her granddaughter in America, once every year!

On our weekend getaway with a mission/purpose we land in a very beautiful city, St. Louis in Missouri. This has been our tradition for the past decade or so, where we deplane at this city for our onward road journey to our family’s hometown.

St. Louis, one of the biggest city of Missouri is one of the finest cities to visit and well-known for its Gateway Arch, night life, botanical garden etc. The boat tour on Mississipi River is splendid and an experience we cherish. A visit to the Gateway Arch is essential, a must do for everyone visiting or passing by St. Louis — pictures do the astonishingly colossal monument no justice.

Like most Midwestern cities, the people here are very friendly and warm. The weather is slightly cold at this time of the year, but nothing to complain about. Really. There is an old joke: Question: “What is the hardest job in the world?” Answer: “Bank guard in Alaska…everyone is wearing ski masks!” The second hardest job in the world has to be forecasting the weather in St. Louis, since it’s pretty much the opposite of San Diego’s steadfast sunshine.

Having said that, other than Chicago, St. Louis is one of the nicest major cities to visit, especially enroute to where we want to go. The people are amazing, the food is great!

When our kids were much younger, we used to do a bunch of fun things in the Forest Park including the St. Louis Zoo, the Jewel Box, the St. Louis Science Centre, the Missouri History Museum, The St. Louis Science Centre, the Planetarium, and also the Six Flags amusement park.

St. Louis basically gives a powerful impression of typical Americana. It is believed that hot dogs and the ice cream cone were introduced here during the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. This “Gateway to the West” is home to Anheuser-Busch and the St. Louis Cardinals. One of the world’s earliest skyscrapers, the Wainwright Building, was built in St. Louis. In May 2013 it was listed by a PBS program as one of “10 Buildings That Changed America” because it was “the first skyscraper that truly looked the part” with Sullivan being dubbed the “Father of Skyscrapers.

Most importantly, seeing the city on a budget is as easy as apple pie, even with the whole family in tow. We enjoy this city on every trip of ours, which we visited after a gap of several years. The memories linger and as our limo whisked us to our final destination, we couldn’t help thinking we have to be back here for more!

Love St. Louis, love USA! Happy thanksgiving to our American family and friends!

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