We’re going to a resort. Fantastic! We’re going to escape the extreme cold for a few days. Awesome!  
We’re going to enjoy tropical fruits and exotic drinks. Superb! We’re going to soak up the sun, sand and sea-breeze! Amazing!

Well, the party had just begun for our group of over 25 revelers, ranging from teens to seniors, celebrating New Year’s at Riviera Maya, Mexico. For thorough city-bred folks like us, this should have been sufficient to relax over the holidays. Flying to Cancun at this time of the year, laying on the beach was our dream, our well-planned vacation. Even before touchdown into the region, you can’t help but be wonderstruck at the miles of practically unpopulated dense, green tropical forest boundaries of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. As also Cancun’s extremely party-friendly Hotel Zone! The city line is dotted by beautiful, well-lit resorts as we drive into our very tastefully done all-inclusive beachfront paradise, which was going to be our home for the week.

The perfect white sand beaches, the flora and fauna native to Yucatan Peninsula played great hosts throughout our entire stay. The expanse of the jungle beckoned us to get more active on the trip and it offered plenty of opportunities to explore. So, even as we went to the most beautiful jewelry store with all kinds of lovely silver ornaments, we were more attracted towards the monkeys that were swinging on the trees outside! The treasures of the jungles seemed more precious, inspiring us to be more adventurous!

And that’s what we do. Seek adventure on an outdoor, day-trip. Our excursion, which cost about $100 USD per person was well-worth the fun and educational experience. The package included transportation from and to our resort, lunch and a knowledgeable, friendly tour-guide/escort!

As the name suggests, the Mayan Riviera is home to dozens of fascinating Mayan ruins. The most spectacular, being Tulum, which offer visitors a trip back in time. Poised on   steep cliffs above the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, the structures are mostly off-limits to ensure the site’s preservation. There’s a lot of history and great learning, with some interesting facts which gives insight into the Mayan culture. From here we proceed to the deep!

With a dedication to conservation, the entire place provides lots of opportunities to experience some unique, thrilling adventures.The underground cave systems are one of the coolest things to explore. Swimmers of all ages don life-jackets and swim or, to be precise, float along, through an underground rivers and ancient cenotes (water-filled sinkholes). Never mind that you stop to pose for photos every so often, (photos are for sale at the end of the tour). The Cenote Park offers very accessible diving and snorkeling to visitors of experience and skill levels.

Cenotes, the jewels in the jungle are thrilling adventures for explorers. For those who aspire more, like our group, there are ATV TOURS, through the surrounding jungle landscape, which, in my opinion is a must-see, must do.

 Playa Del Carmen, which we visit at the end of the excursion is a wonderful little town full of restaurants, tourist shops and outlets. We get to taste free tequila samples, so you can choose which one you’d like to buy!

 With spectacular ancient ruins, underwater caves and some of the world’s best snorkeling, you better believe there’s more to do in the Mayan Riviera than sunbathing and sipping tropical drinks.

Ola Mehico! Thank you for an amazing experience and everlasting memories! A great start to 2018!!


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