Malabari at Malibu: Ocean, Sun and Fun!

A  Malabari, like myself, hails from the West Coast! (India’s southwest coast, lying on the narrow coastal plain of Karnataka and Kerala states between the Western Ghats range and the Arabian Sea). Known as God’s own country, Kerala boasts of gorgeous beaches and landscape that makes you fall in love at first sight. No words can do justice to the kind of natural beauty Kerala is home to.  Anyone planning a beach holiday or an escape to the mountains, should definitely consider visiting this quaint place.

However, now I want to talk about a different paradise, another west coast! Malibu by the Pacific Ocean, an escape to the fantasy world! We had a family gathering, a religious event which brought us to beautiful California yet again.  Given the time constraints, we skipped the glitz of Hollywood and the posh landmarks of Beverly Hills. We squeezed time for   L.A.’s most stunning natural wonders.

It’s true that if you don’t have much time to explore, all you need to do is cruise up to Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway for an amazing experience! We have driven the entirety of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) through California multiple times and enjoyed it immensely every single time.

From the back sides of billionaire mansions on Carbon Beach   to Zuma Beach on the northern end of Malibu, the 21 mile shoreline that makes up Malibu is on the most exclusive places in the world.  The cliffs and Santa Monica Mountains terraced with massive mansions isolate Malibu from the sprawling madness of Los Angeles.

You can come to Malibu just to drop in on a wave or drop $50 million on oceanfront lots. In spite of the solid population of celebrities, the mentality is small town. People walk with an easier pace with a no-worries kind of attitude. ! It’s hard to believe something so special exists just a short distance from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

In the middle of Canadian winter, it was a perfect getaway, a time to get some sunshine and sand between the toes The ‘bu” as locals call it, this stretch of prime Pacific coastline where the desert meets the ocean and the views are absolutely breathtaking, making it a great family-friendly day trip. This iconic, unique surf town overspills with charm, beauty and style, is known for its wide sands, prime surf and clean water conditions. It is also famous for being the “Baywatch” beach.  The scenic waterfront area offers multiple walking trails, a whale watching station, sports fields and picnic areas. Parking is free to visitors.

Despite the romantic roses of Valentine’s Day, and sugar high February can be the hardest of winter months. The excitement of the first winter snow has long faded, Christmas holidays are over, but there’s still quite a few weeks to go before spring begins. Take a page out of our book, and spice things up with a trip to the West Coast (Malabar or Malibu!). These invigorating itineraries will surely take the drear out of winter.

From coast to coast have fun by the ocean under the sun!



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