Canada India Foundation’s Higher Education Forum

Canada India Foundation (CIF) will be organizing a Higher Education Forum on July 5 and 6 at the Pearson Convention Centre, Brampton ON

Announcing this at a media conference held in Toronto Wednesday June 27, Mr. Ajit Someshwar, Chair, CIF, said, “The CIF is organizing a forum on Higher Education because the education sector has emerged as priority sector for both Canada and India.”

Mr. Someshwar said the sector is worth $20 billion annually in Canada. Pertinently, in 2018, more than 120,000 international students from India will choose Canada for their higher education needs, making Canada the fourth most popular destination for Indian students seeking higher education.

Delineating the objectives of the Forum, Mr. Someshwar observed that the Forum’s vision is to reshape higher education with emphasis on innovation and to create opportunities for development and growth between Canada and India.

Mr. Anil Shah, National Convener, CIF, informed media representatives about the CIF’s upcoming Annual Global Indian Award Gala that is also being held on July 6 evening at the Pearson Convention Centre.

He said, annually, the CIF recognises and honours a prominent achiever who has championed the transformation of developing economies, including those who have enhanced India’s presence and prestige on the world stage. The annual award recognises excellence and includes $50,000.00, given to a charity of the award recipient’s choice.

“This year CIF is honouring Sparsh Shah, a 14-year-old prodigy who has by his sheer dint of determination and obvious singing talent, and despite his debilitating physical conditions, created a fan following of millions,” Mr. Shah said.

While giving details of the Forum’s program, Mr. Mayur Dave, the Chair of the Higher Education Forum, and a member of the Board of Governors of CIF, said, “The Forum seeks to facilitate a dialogue between Canadian and Indian sector specialists.”

Mr. Dave stated that the Forum would encompass three spheres: initiating a dialog between governments in Canada and India instrumental in policy formulations; forge linkages between Canadian and Indian educational institutions; and explore Canadian private sector’s efforts to employ Indian students into careers upon the completion of their educational process.

Mr. Girish Kekre, Co-Chair of the Forum and a member of the Board of Governors of CIF, said, “The Forum would be a gathering of ‘Thoughtful Doers’ from Canada and India who share a common interest in higher education opportunities and development between Canada and India. We will focus exclusively on the most important educational development and challenges of our times.”

The Forum will comprise following five panel discussions

  • Higher Education Opportunities in Canada: Participants include Canadian federal government ministers, academics of established Canadian universities
  • The Business of Education: Participants include industry stalwarts and academic administrators from Canada, India and the United States
  • Unlocking Corporate Engagement in Education:  Participants include representatives of leading corporate entities in Canada and social entrepreneurs
  • Integration of Technology to Education: Participants include IT entrepreneurs, educators, and innovators
  • Challenges and Experiences of Students:  International students will narrate their experiences

The one-and-a-half day event will have keynote addresses by influential political decision makers, highly placed officials in the diplomatic corps, and technocrats who have played a key role in transforming societies.

The event will conclude with a networking reception that will provide participants the opportunity to meet and mingle with important individuals in the sector and enable future relations.

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