Nirmala Armstrong: Councillor, Contributor, Leader, Lawyer

Regional Councillor Nirmala Armstrong is a popular, well-respected person not only in the City of Markham, but the entire GTA and beyond. In addition to being the first South Asian woman to become Regional Councillor, she is also a highly regarded lawyer who has been a sole practitioner for 20 years and was also a lecturer in the Faculty of Family Law for the Ontario Bar Admission at the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Ever since being elected as a Regional Councillor for the City of Markham in 2014, Nirmala Armstrong has worked tirelessly within the community to serve the members. She has been a recipient of several awards, including the ‘Inspiring Women Award from ANGEENA International Non-Profit Organization, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medals for outstanding contributions to the community at large.

The initiatives and accomplishments of Nirmala Armstrong are far too many to describe, so suffice it to say that she has worked on projects like ending ‘Youth Homelessness’, raising awareness about ‘Domestic Violence Against Women’, promoting participation of women in sports etc.

Going forward, Regional Councillor Nirmala Armstrong plans on working towards several issues and initiatives, including the First Regional Wheelchair Water/Fun Park, which will be designed for special needs individuals in the York Region.

Affordable Housing and Public Transportation for all residents is an important issue which she will continue to work with York Region and Private Developers in reaching out to the community to create affordable housing for all and ensure that public transportation is safe as well as reasonably priced for residents.

Nirmala Armstrong will continue to ensure that the ground breaking of the York University Campus in Markham takes place in the fall of 2018 and that the construction is completed by 2021.

The City of Markham is proud to note that Heritage Districts exist within our city and they also recognize that most of these properties should be protected. An example of this is the onging Markham Lawn Bowling Club that exists within the city that  needs to protected and preserved for all residents. Future Urban Areas have already been designated withing the City of Markham/York Region and Regional Councillor Nirmala Armstrong will continue to ensure that these urban areas do not encroach upon the green belt.

A mother of four children and proud grandmother of three grandchildren, Nirmala Armstrong is married to Tim Armstrong. Outside of work, she has several hobbies, including listening to country and western music and watching romantic movies.

Our diverse, multicultural society recognizes the need for strong, compassionate leaders with strong work ethics, who inspire others to progress and prosper. Re-elect Nirmala Armstrong!

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