La La Way @ Las Vegas

Vegas! We were  here for a good time, not a long time!

We were on a tight schedule, and wanted maximum fun with minimum days! Vegas was our answer! Considered as the world’s most favourite destination for providing non-stop entertainment, we decided to visit this city during Thanksgiving. We discover that there’s plenty of action on the Strip, even for teetotaler and vegetarians like us!

Being  non smokers, Planet Hollywood was an ideal choice for our stay, as this Casino has a great air vent system, to extract the smoke.The casino also has a mall in it, which is perfect for this tourist town, and shoppers really enjoy it. Just like the other hotels in Vegas, PH has several pools, workout area, spa etc. In terms of location on the Strip, it is next to Paris, and a short walk to Caesars, New York  and Aria. The view from our window was awesome, all the way to the boundary of mountains with tall palm trees!

Any visit to Vegas is incomplete if you don’t watch at least one of the amazing shows that they city puts up! So what do we do? Watch a show:))

So an evening was devoted to watching ‘LOVE’ by Cirque Du Soleil at the Mirage. It was well worth it!

The landscape of ‘LOVE’ is inhabited by fictional characters plucked from the Beatles’ lyrics. Sgt. Pepper, a central figure, encounters many familiar faces, including Lucy in the SkyEleanor RigbyLady Madonna and Mr. Kite. In an exception to this stylistic choice, the “Here Comes the Sun” scene features a character resembling Krishna. Similarly, several scenes include mop-topped, dark-haired figures in black suits who resemble the Beatles. The international cast totals 65 performers. Each song or medley is the name.  The finale is a joyous celebration of The Beatles’ “reunion” that the show itself represents.of a scene. A thoroughly enjoyable, fun-packed and vibrant entertainer!

While travelling, an exciting part of the vacation is the food! Walking on the Strip, you quickly realize that the place is filled with temptations! The pizzas, pastas, burgers…..

On day 1, we stopped at an Indian fast food joint, ‘Masala Express’ for a quick bite (Linner I’d say – lunch+dinner).. What they had to offer was not too spicy by desi standards, but pricey! The other places we enjoyed were ‘Giordano’s Pizza’ where you can enjoy deep dish pizza. With an interesting location and seating with amazing views, the place is a glass tube. Another place all of us enjoyed was the ‘Hexx Kitchen’ which is conveniently located opposite the Bellagio water fountains, and you get to enjoy your meals outdoors. It is a part of  the Paris hotel and casino, and their vegetarian food + service is pretty awesome!

The entire experience in this desert mirage was like being in a La La Land, and we’ll surely come back again with our family and friends!





Oscar Goodman

“Hatred is not what Las Vegas is about.

We will have zero tolerance for anyone who is intolerant.”


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