Brampton Transit receives Service Excellence award

Today, Brampton Transit received the Service Excellence award at the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) annual conference in Toronto.

CUTA hosts urban planners and transit professionals from across Canada at its yearly conference, and hands out corporate awards in categories such as Innovation and Environment. The Service Excellence award was specifically created this year to recognize the unique success and unprecedented ridership growth on Brampton Transit’s Züm Bus Rapid Transit service (BRT).

Pronounced “zoom,” Brampton Transit’s BRT service was designed from the ground up to provide residents with an efficient, high frequency, comfortable service. Züm was launched in fall 2010, and now has five routes that service major corridors across the city, making local and regional connections. In September 2018, the Züm Bovaird service was extended to Malton GO Station – another key regional connection.

The success of the BRT service, and across all of Brampton Transit’s lines, is unmatched in Canada. Since 2009, Brampton’s population has grown by 22 per cent, while Brampton Transit’s ridership has increased by over 120 per cent. Ridership continues to grow in 2018.  As of August 2018, ridership has increased by 17 per cent compared to 2017.

Brampton Transit continues to deliver its popular BRT service, achieving overall record ridership growth with every new route launch, and continued ridership increases during non-launch years. Key to Brampton Transit’s success are overall improved service, a great customer experience and advanced technology that supports both the service and the experience.

CUTA is a member-based association that supports public transit as the core of integrated mobility across Canada. CUTA provides members with the resources, networking, training, events, data, research and advocacy needed to support success in the industry. The organization’s vision is to inspire and influence the evolution of integrated urban mobility.


“We are proud of this award recognizing the great success and unprecedented ridership growth for Brampton Transit and the Züm service. Our goal has been to meet the needs of our transit riders and we’ve made some great improvements over the past term. This award demonstrates Brampton’s leadership in smart, sustainable and regionally connected transit service.”

–           Mayor Linda Jeffrey

“The award in Service Excellence from CUTA is an honour for our city and transit system. We’re working hard to continue to deliver the kind of service residents expect from a major, urban, forward-thinking city. We remain committed to our riders, to an innovative and smart transit system and to service excellence.”

–           Alex Milojevic, General Manager, Brampton Transit

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