Cocktails, Wine and Food: A Fine Gourmet Mix at the 6ix!

–Lachman Balani

The 6ix, as Toronto is known, has come alive again for four glorious days at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The annual gourmet food and wine expo is back from Nov 22-25! Sip and savour your way through international gourmet cuisine, exotic delicacies, incredible wines, cutting-edge cocktails, stunning craft beers and so much more!

Many experts are in town to tell you all about how to be a connoisseur in manna and libations divine.

Jeremy Parsons, famed culinary mixologist, kicked off the event showing off his prowess in mixing cocktails. He gave the public a taste of his superb version of Canada’s famous “Caesar’s” made with vodka and Clamato juice and smoked in an infuser designed by him.

He then treated the attendees to an amazing sous-vide margarita, tequila blended with pineapple and other citrus fruits. All his impressive cocktails are in his new book “Invite: Cocktails, Canapés, Company! “

Following his incredible presentation, Christopher Waters, renowned wine connoisseur, wowed the crowd with four incredible wines. Starting off with a de jour rosé bubbly for the festive season, he continued with a white, then onto two reds, explaining the intricacies of the wines to the glowing and happy faces of the appreciative participants.

There are tutored tasting programs and complimentary cooking demonstrations by celebrity guests all day long.

The rest of the exhibition is in a setting that encompasses the style and sophistication of a cocktail party and offers more than 1,500 wines, beers, spirits and gourmet foods to choose from.

What stood out was the exhibit from Spain offering countless wines and never ending samples of accompanying tapas.

Another top drawer was the Swiss stand with its wide array of cheeses.

Veganism is gaining popularity and it would be remiss for the exhibit not to include a vegan wine which seemed to be the star of attention with everybody gathering around to hear about it and to partake of a tasting.

The Indian food exhibit had several habitués sampling the food and the wines that went with it. The latest mouth watering attraction was the paneer bruschetta which is a deep fried tranche of paneer with bruschetta toppings.

Needless to say the ubiquitous high class caviar adorned the event.

This event is a must visit for enthusiasts of gourmet cuisine and exquisite concoctions where one can learn from some of the world’s best brewers, vintners and distillers.







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