Book, Beach & Boca Chica! Sun, Sand & Santo Domingo!

Those of us who chose to make Canada our home, obviously love the snow! The world looks pretty! Even so, when it snows non-stop, for weeks, we seek the sun! Reading week for my university student was a perfect time to get warm and cozy. That’s when we landed in Punta Cana!

Since our preference was a not so touristy location, we chose an all-inclusive resort in a small village-town called Boca Chica. The bus journey from the airport to our resort was scenic, laden with hills and greenery! Arriving at our destination by night, our family, a hungry bunch headed straight for dinner! This beach resort, which was home for the next week had plenty to offer! Food, drinks, beach, nightly entertainment, easy access to the village……

On day two, we decided to visit Santo Domingo, the vibrant city that combines splendid centuries-old cathedrals and buildings with amazing parks, lakes and caves.

Travelling in a private car was a fun way to get around. Our enthusiastic driver, who spoke English was more than willing to be our tour guide. He brings us to gorgeous Zona Colonial, where the city’s oldest sights and trendiest shops co-exist adjacent to each other.

Although Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone is small and walkable, the slow-moving Chu Chu Colonial train is an exotic way to explore the area’s treasure of antiquity. This 45-minute guided tour gives you a ride through cobblestone streets as you admire the historic monuments, cathedrals and archaeological ruins that have been there for centuries.

The heavy Spanish influence can be felt in the entire culture of Dominican Republic, due it’s colonial rule. So, when you come across the bronze statue of Christopher Columbus in the central square, Parque Colon, you wouldn’t be surprised at all. This square’s 16th-century church, which is the supposed to the first cathedral in the Americas is a major attraction. The Chu Chu Colonial is the perfect activity if you are looking to soak in the wealth of history in a limited time. All aboard!

The capital city of Dominican Republic is not only known for it’s architecture and history but also for its cave system called “Los Tres Ojos”, which means “The Three Eyes”. We were very glad that we decided to explore this beautiful park. The entrance is a long stairway, which leads to a huge opening in the ceiling that lets a beautiful light in allowing for nature to thrive.

The cave is called “Los Tres Ojos” because there are three main pools of water or lakes. For one of these, you need to hop onto a ferry across to get to the other side, which holds the most spectacular beauty of nature. Finally, you get to a section of the cave where hundreds of fish swarm to your feet the moment you touch it.

Apart from our excursions, we enjoyed talking walks to Boca Chica, a gorgeous seaside town, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  The crystal-clear water, extensive golden sandy shores lined with palm trees have converted this hidden gem into one of the busiest destinations in the country! It’s even more vibrant when the sun sets – the night bars, world-class restaurants, and noisy party are unparalleled, anywhere.

If you plan on a visit to the tropicals, do not miss out on visiting Boca Chica, a pearl in the southern part of the Dominican Republic.

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