Carabram Pavilion of Cultures in Back in 2019

Carabram, Brampton’s Multicultural Festival, continues to showcase additional cultures, music and food at our Pavilion of Cultures in 2019.

“Carabram’s Pavilion of Cultures allows us to invite a broader cross-section of cultures,” says Carabram President Angela Johnson. “These cultural communities may not have the resources to put together a traditional standalone pavilion, but are able to promote their culture through food, entertainment, cultural displays in a shared location .”

New this year is a cricket demonstration which will be held at Brampton Soccer Centre on July 13 and Chris Gibson Recreation Centre on July 14, between 2 and 5 p.m. each day.

Carabram, Canada’s second oldest cultural festival, will be held July 12, 13, 14 at five venues across the city. Our pavilions are located throughout the city. Caribbean, China and Africa are at Chris Gibson Recreation Centre, Eelam is at the Brampton Soccer Centre; India and Hawaii are at the Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre, Ireland is returning to Lions Hall on Avondale Rd., Philippines, Canada and Punjab are at Century Gardens Recreation
Centre, as well as the Pavilion of Cultures, featuring Pakistan, Nepal, Latin America, Vietnam and Portugal.

“We are so fortunate to have such a diverse community and Carabram allows our visitors to not only celebrate their own culture but to also appreciate and learn about other cultures that contribute to the diverse makeup of our city,” says Johnson.

Passports are available for $10 until July 12 when the price rises to $12 once the festival starts. Passports are available online at and at selected Brampton Recreation Centres and Brampton Transit kiosks, and many locations where the “Carabram Passports for Sale” sign is displayed. Please check our website. Children under 12 are free.

“Our primary focus is to celebrate, educate and communicate with Bramptonians about the cultures that we live and work with every day,” says Johnson.

Conceived in 1982, Carabram is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the
preservation, development and promotion of the diverse ethnic communities in Brampton. Carabram focuses on the culture and arts of each host group, including local dancers, musicians, singers, artists and performers of all types in native language style and dress. It gives us all the opportunity to enjoy the showcase of artistic performances by professional practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, who call Brampton home.

“We have great support from our funders, partners and sponsors. And, of course, all our dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly all year round,” says Johnson. “We are looking forward to an exceptional festival this year. Here is a great opportunity to Experience the World without leaving Brampton and most of all, getting to know your neighbours.”

Visit for details.

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