HiFive’s @ Halifax!

Enjoy business travel? Yes, No, Maybe so?

“Bleisure” travel, can be exciting if we piggyback vacation onto our business trips. That’s exactly, what we experienced when we went to #f55fsummit, a Conference hosted by our wonderful organization Freedom 55 Financial, in the beautiful city of Halifax.   It’s an absolute truth that nearly every destination has something worthwhile to see and experience.  Halifax offered us something more, beyond our expectations.

Here’s HiFive’s to the Top Five from my perspective:

  • Fall Colours: The coastal city Halifax becomes alive with colour as the day shortens and temperature begins to cool. The roadside was set ablaze with a magnificent display of autumn colours from yellow and orange to rust, red and brown. There was plenty of opportunity during our Conference days to catch the fall foliage in   the City’s scenic landscapes, parks and streetscapes. We basked in the city’s diverse tree   species like poplars, maples, oaks, hickories and willows. So, we made some time every morning and evening for Mother Nature and take in the beauty of Halifax’s stunning autumn colours.
  • Peggy’s Cove: We stayed in the Barrington, Halifax. during the tenure of the conference. Day One day was dedicated to Peggy’s Cove! Really marvelous!! A gorgeous, sunny day, with a bagpiper playing on the rocks surrounding the lighthouse, we truly felt we were in Scotland!! The waves of the Atlantic Ocean were crashing as clouds rolled in! The colorful village provided plenty of photo ops! We had delicious lunch at a restaurant and ducked into little shops that explained the history of the cove. If you are in Nova Scotia, do not miss Peggy’s Cove!!

  • Citadel Hill: It’s right across from the Halifax Convention Centre, where our Conference took place. I must admit that the local residents are lucky to have an urban gem of a National Park right downtown. On Day 2, we decided to climb up the little hill, which offers great views of the city, There were interesting exhibits, a guard on duty with clothing from the period they are representing. A really great activity in the early morning hours, where you could feel the freshness in the air!  This is a definite don’t miss on a trip out East if you find yourself in Halifax!
  • Boardwalk: Right across from our hotel, this photogenic footpath offers backdoor access to the Historic Properties and the Marine Museum of the Atlantic. Landmarks such as Purdy’s Wharf are on the route; while others, including the Seaport Farmers’ Market, Pier 21, and the cruise-ship terminal, are only a few minutes’ walk away. The boardwalk has several entry points and many tourist-friendly amenities. Shops and restaurants along the line and street performers add to the attraction, too. The waterfront, however, remains the real attraction, where we captured a few beautiful sunset pictures.
  • Pickford and Black: Last, but not the least, must mention this restaurant with a great view of the sea! We were treated to an amazing dinner by our organization. The menu had plenty of vegetarian options, which was very impressive, the service was good, company was great! An amazing evening, in short.


Kudos @ Freedom55Financial! A big hi5! Looking forward to the next #f55fsummit!

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