Celebrate Diwali season, Broadway Style!

Navatman Production presents: The Mahabharata Part 1: Of Vengeance and Promises

The dice are cast. Fate is driving towards us, and there is no stopping her.

With kathak, bharatanatyam, carnatic and hindustani music, join us this Diwali season in a Broadway style production that celebrates the largest epic in the world: the Mahabharata. In part 1 of this multi year series, determine for yourself the values of dharma (duty), tapasya (meditation), and more as humanity’s best intentions take us down the path of loyalties and retribution.

New York City:
October 24 and 25, 2019 (New York, NY)
Peter Norton Symphony Space – Peter Jay Sharp Theatre
2537 Broadway
Time: 7PM
Tickets: Starting at $35

More info: www.navatman.org/the-mahabharata.html

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