Taj Express: Colours, Costumes, Choreography Totally Impress!

The razzle-dazzle and glitter-shimmer of Bollywood is in town at Toronto’s St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts Theatre November 23 – December 1, 2019.

‘‘Taj Express-The Musical’ is a complete entertainer with non-stop high energy dance performances which will take you on an amazing ride to all parts of India, coast to coast!

It is the narrative of a young music composer Shankar’s passion who aspires to be like his genius role model ‘The Mozart of Madras’, the Oscar winner A.R. Rahman.

In the opening scene, we are introduced to the aspiring ‘Beethoven of Bollywood’ who is given an opportunity by Bollywood’s top composer ‘Raj Pakoda’ to compose music for his romantic film ‘Taj Express’. We then get to meet the hero, ‘Arjun’ (who runs a classical dance school for street children, to break the cycle of gang violence in Mumbai) and heroine ( the silver screen siren Kareena Kaboom India’s Heartthrob but deep in her heart she dreams of escaping her celebrity).

As the story unfolds, the audiences get to witness some beautiful performances, witty interactions with the guitarist ‘Flash’ and an array of Indian costumes.

The second half is the rhythm of journey where the hero and heroine travel to Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India and the Garden of Love. The villain Shakaal has a revelation after which the palace of RANTHAMBORE welcomes home the missing Prince of the land. The rituals of love in an Indian Wedding takes place where hands bind hearts!

During the grand finale, the cast and crew all join to dance together at the end of the shoot, actors, dancers, musicians, camera crew, makeup and costume celebrate the making of the great adventure romance, TAJ EXPRESS.

Taj Express musically combines superb dances with the some hit numbers of India’s most iconic Bollywood composers, performing live on stage.

The production is a carnival of young India’s Bollywood culture, hip hop music and rich traditions blending amazing costumes, dance, and thrilling live music.

Get on the train baby…

Behind the Scenes:

The title track of the Taj Express was composed exclusively for the Show by the legendary Bollywood duo, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, who have created a score that features traditional Indian sounds while maintaining a global flavour.

Shruti Merchant, has created a path-breaking song, dance and drama extravaganza that will entertain and enthral audiences of all ages, world- over, with Taj Express. Shruti hopes to have Taj Express tour every big and small city around the world – to give audiences a true flavor of India.

With Taj Express, Vaibhavi Merchant has worked towards bringing the magic of the story on stage through the expression and grace of various dance forms.

Pranav Merchant, the Executive Producer ‘s vision for Taj Express is to have performed in every country around the world and to evolve the show into Seasons that will have audiences hungry for more every time Taj Express is back in town!

Costume designer Bipin Tanna created 1,000 costumes and 500 accessories for Taj Express to display India’s multitude of textiles.

Kudos to the entire cast and crew for putting up an outstanding musical!




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