My First Hindi Book

First-time author and India native introduces Hindi-English educational children’s book for bilingual households

 My First Hindi Book by Chandni Bhatia

ISBN: 978-1-64111-5520

Publication Date: Available now on Amazon

After giving birth to her daughter in the United States, author Chandni Bhatia was inspired to teach basic Hindi to young children. In My First Hindi Book, Bhatia presents a colorful and creative way to teach children counting, colors and animals in Hindi.

Bhatia offers a bilingual book with the Hindi written in English, making it easy for parents and children to read and pronounce together. “As the only Hindi speaking parent to my daughter, I found introducing my native language quite difficult and set out to write a book to playfully teach her some introductory Hindi,” Bhatia says. “To my knowledge, there are very few Hindi-English children’s books. My hope is that other Indian parents living abroad will find the book helpful for their own multicultural homes.”

 My First Hindi Book is available for purchase online at Amazon.

About the Author

Born and raised in New Delhi, Chandni Bhatia immigrated to the United States in 2013. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication, and after working in the field of market research in India, she found her passion in early childhood development upon moving to the U.S. She received a certification in Early Childhood Education from Irvine Valley College and Pasadena City College. She currently resides in California.


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