“Visualizing the Future: New Skylines”

International Summit on Women in STEM–

The Department of Biotechnology organized an International Summit on Women in STEM–“Visualizing the Future: New Skylines” on 23rd  and 24thJanuary, 2020 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The Summit was organized with the overall aim to boost the participation of women in STEM field for development of scientific career.


During the summit, different sessions of the summit included mechanisms of leadership building, empowering women through networking, career opportunities and interactive exercises with scientists. The aim was to showcase women in STEM successes as real-world examples of successful women scientists, doctors and engineers demonstrating the excitement of being in the STEM fields as well as the rewards associated with it.

Discussions and interactive sessions between aspiring young, mid-career and senior scientists in the STEM field were held to understanding the future requirements of women’s employment and career progression. Keynote speakers were renowned women scientists in STEM from different countries, young as well as established women scientists, science communicators and entrepreneurs from India.

Around 350 participants from different STEM field across the globe participated in the event including scientists, socialists, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers and students. Posters were presented by women scientists and students.

The summit provided a good platform for young students and researchers to interact and network with leaders in the field, to develop ideas and generate a future action plan for making career in STEM fields.

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