MONSOON-The rain inspired songs and dances promise to drench souls!

Panwar Music and Dance Productions is presenting its first show of the year 2020 – MONSOON  – celebrating the rain with Kajri, Chaiti, Thumri, Bandish and Bhajan.  Show will take place at VEDIC CULTURAL CENTRE, 4345 14th Avenue, Markham on Saturday, February 15th 2020.

 The Monsoon weather pattern influences the entire creation and has inspired poets, writers, painters, singers and dancers for ages to express their artistic imagination. Through the authentic compositions called Chaiti and Kajri,  The show Monsoon describes the loving and romantic emotions beautifully in this production. The rain inspired songs and dances promises to drench souls with serene entertainment.  Panwar’s MONSOON has a wonderful team of passionate dancers and ardent musicians.

Give a treat to your loved ones  with a classic show of Panwar Music and Dance this family day weekend – MONSOON.  At the advent of the New Year 2020, our group is working hard  towards presenting beautiful new compositions with new lyrics and new choreographies envisioned by Hemant and Vaishali Panwar  Do come to enjoy the songs on dark clouds, cuckoo birds, peacocks, pleasant rain drops, swings on sturdy mango trees – all based on the stylised dance KATHAK.

Come to enjoy the gushes of rain through lovely songs and dances that might gladden your gracious  heart.

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