Valentine’s Day: Go Above & Beyond Roses!

–by Usha Pudukkotai



This entire week before Valentine’s day is dedicated to celebration of love!

At this time of the year, love struck shoppers all over the country will ring up millions of dollars in sales of chocolate to prove their love. A few additional millions will be spent on cards, an evening out, flowers and jewelry in hopes of the perfect celebration of love. Even though it’s less than a century old, Valentine’s Day has a style of its own, across the globe.

Teens to seniors weave their plans for the day and yearn for a time of seclusion with their near and dear ones. Does love come with a price tag? Or is it the thought that counts? All gifts are meant to be appreciated, but some or most of these don’t last long. This year, why not consider something different? Like ‘financial gifts’ for instance.

A unique, out-of-the-box gift would be an annual gym membership. In the insurance industry, a lot of incentives are given so that people live healthier lifestyles. If your loved one supports a charity, why not a donation towards the cause?

Establish a TFSA maybe? When you consider these ‘financial gifts’, your generosity will still be felt long after the chocolates are eaten. If your sweetheart is one in a million, create unique ways of keeping the romance alive. Look for newer ideas to proclaim your love for that someone special. Make a book about why you love him/her and why you are thankful, feel blessed. Don’t act like robots, trying to purchase a dozen red roses because the whole world is doing that. It’s not an obligation; make it a celebration.

So, please forego the standard rose bouquet and chocolate heart this year and find many inventive ways to express your love. If your significant other is a dancer,  make a video of their special performances.

If you both are nature lovers, go hiking or a quiet walk together. Watch the sunset. Morning persons, watching the sunrise either from a scenic location or your apartment window. Follow it up with a home cooked breakfast. Create moments and memories that reflect your feelings.

For singles in the city, Valentine’s Day is about loving yourself. Have self-compassion. For the gals, pampering yourself at a luxurious spa might be an option, instead of tossing cucumbers on your eyes. Rearrange an entire room around, a new painting, photo or even a piece of furniture for a refreshing new look. Catch a Hollywood/Bollywood movie which you’ve been meaning to watch.

Make it a Family Valentine’s day for those with little kids. Invite your kids’ friend’s, play some good music and prepare delicious snacks. Let kids express love for others by taking valentines goodies or homemade valentines

to a nursing home or hospital. Cultivate a sense of appreciation in your children by helping them express   appreciation to their grandparents.

Celebrate love! The most precious gift!

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