The Real Life Transformer | Elite Sports India

Entrepreneur, actor and a man who loves children, Mark Wahlberg touched the Indian Sports Industry 10 years ago and gave rise to its very first ‘Tackle Football Chain’. Joining hands with around 60 universities in the initial stage and establishing a company under the name EUSAI (Elite Universal Sports Alliance Of India), successfully paved the way for uplifting young talents.

Mark has silently been working towards the growth and development of university sports in India was successful in bagging a coverage for the tackle football match on Sony Ten Sports.

We are aware of Mark Wahlberg as the lead in transformers, the model for Calvin Klein and someone who has been ranked as one of the Top 50 Most Influential people in the world by Time Magazine (USA). Mark has also touched the Sports Industry in India and invested a hefty amount towards the growth of sports economy and his love for promoting young talents. Providing scholarships and affiliating with two of the most profound universities in Rajasthan, LPU (Lovely Professional University) and Poornima University, EUSAI has joined hands and leveled up towards letting the kids pursue their passion without having to worry about any additional expenses.

Mark Wahlberg has constantly aimed towards establishing university sports in India. Making sports reach a level where families too, do not have second thoughts when it comes to building a career in areas other than academics, is Mark’s dream.

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