One Million Trees Program: 50,000 new trees to be planted across Brampton in 2020

Today, Brampton City Council endorsed the planting of 50,000 new trees across the city every year, as part of the One Million Trees Program. This is another big step towards tackling the threat of climate change.

In 2019, Council voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency, while aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated in the city by 80 per cent by 2050.

Over the last five years, the City and its partners – including conservation authorities, the Region of Peel, school boards and the development industry – have planted, on average, 43,000 trees each year in Brampton. With an increase of at least 7,000 trees planted annually, the City is one step closer to fulfilling the Brampton 2040 Vision and reaching a target of one million trees by 2040.

Trees play an important role in mitigating and adapting to climate change, growing the urban forest and making spaces more beautiful, and supporting public health. The One Million Trees Program will plant more trees, particularly along roads, public parks, and other City-owned lands in existing residential neighbourhoods and commercial/industrial lands, to enhance the green canopy and foster the delivery of ecosystem services.

The City is committed to sustainability and these efforts contribute to building a Green City, a Term of Council priority.

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