Halt to Proceed’ : New Book Urges Readers to HALT…Better Manage Themselves…and Thrive

Halt to Proceed: New Book Urges Readers to HALT…Better Manage Themselves…and Thrive.

Born from a long and esteemed background in IT, Alan Owen’s ‘Halt to Proceed’ introduces readers to a proven model any manager, team member or individual can use to better interact with each other, better understand themselves and ultimately move forward in a way previously impossible. The idea was developed during a routine software development project that turned into something far greater; a life-changing opportunity for anyone to take some time to stop, reflect and excel.

Alan Owen has been the architect of some of industry’s most powerful and widely-adopted software models, having worked in the software development sector his entire career. However, his biggest legacy transcends software itself to help anyone bring unimaginable prosperity and abundance to their lives.

It’s all outlined in ‘Halt to Proceed’, a new book that will compel anyone to better manage a team, themselves and almost any aspect of their life.


Our 21st century world is a noisy place with many distractions. Everything is instant, on-demand; society expects instant communication. We are working longer and harder than ever and ever-increasing pressures negatively affect our work-life balance. The art of relaxing and taking solitude has disappeared. Halt to Proceed is a programme that provides techniques you can use across all aspects of your life. The programme guides managers, students and teachers to look at how they interact with their teams and how they manage meetings and, most importantly, themselves. Created by Alan Owen, the Halt to Proceed programme has taken years to develop and draws on knowledge from several sources, including personal experience, input from business leaders and from a board of trustees who provided the final steps.

“Believe it or not…this was born from a piece of software I was developing,” explains the author. “A Case Management System to provide support for over 300 users in 50 locations across the UK that was intuitive and would reduce duplication of effort. As we started piecing things together, we became aware the end user wanted just as much input as senior management and the developers. So we switched gears, and gave these end users control of everything from the interface design, usability features…and even the fonts.”

Continuing, “This “Thinking Culture” that we set up allowed us to produce software that not only met its goal, but satisfied users at all stages. It’s still in use in industry today. I then became aware that this culture can be pulled out of the workplace and adapted to any team…be it social, familial or otherwise. That model is the Halt to Proceed model you see today, and it’s changing lives around the world.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. For example, Sam Pilott comments, “To be honest I didn’t think reading this book would help, how wrong was I! After reading I’ve implemented just small changes and what a difference it has made, myself and my partner now spend more time together and it’s made our relationship even stronger. We’ve a better balance in life and are more relaxed. 2020 we are implementing just a few more changes which we can’t wait for and are really looking forward to 2020. This book isn’t to read just once it’s a book to keep reading to really help life and work balance.”

‘Halt to Proceed’ is available now: https://amzn.to/2Hba5pY.


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