Safety before Sunshine! Avoid Gatherings, Maintain Distancing!

With warmer weather in the forecast, it might be difficult to stay home this weekend. Whether you’re taking your dog for a walk or going for a run, there are some important rules and regulations Bramptonians need to keep in mind to stay safe outdoors in response to COVID-19.

City parks and many other facilities are closed

All 500+ parks in Brampton, playgrounds and other structures in parks, leash-free dog parks, picnic shelters, outdoor sports facilities and outdoor fitness equipment (including sports fields, basketball and tennis courts), recreation centres and surrounding lands, and parking lots at City facilities are closed to the public until further notice. While trails remain open at this time, people must remain 2.0 metres away from others (who don’t live in your home) at all times.

Maintain physical distancing measures

People are currently prohibited from being within 2.0 metres of one another on any public property, other than people they live with. This includes prohibiting businesses from permitting people to be seated less than 2.0 metres apart whether inside or outside the business.

Avoid gatherings of five or more people

Organized public events and social gatherings such as parties, parades, weddings, communal services within places of worship of more than five people are now prohibited under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act implemented by the Province. This doesn’t apply to private households with five people, operating child care centres, or supporting frontline health care workers and first responders provided the number of people at each centre doesn’t exceed 50.

Only leave home for solo exercise or essential needs

The Region of Peel has taken even stronger steps to protect Peel residents and slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Peel Public Health strongly recommends that “All residents stay at home, leaving only once a week for essential reasons including groceries, medicines and medical appointments. Daily exercise should be done alone or with one family member, or to exercise a pet.” We encourage residents to respect those working in essential services and businesses, who must be out in the community at this time.

Penalties are in place for those who aren’t following the rules

On March 31, Mayor Patrick Brown signed the Brampton COVID-19 Emergency Measures By-law to help protect the health and safety of residents. Under this new by-law, individuals can be fined a minimum of $500 and a maximum of up to $100,000 for each offence for not adhering to physical distancing measures. Residents are asked to call 311 to report non-compliance. Full details are available here. We encourage residents to respect those working in essential services, who must be out in the community at this time.

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