‘I want to reach out to women & urge them to speak up’- Tamil actress Jyothika

The gripping legal drama ‘Ponmagal Vandhal’ is the first ever-Tamil film to have its worldwide premiere on Prime Video and follows the story of an honest lawyer’s attempts to redeem a wrongfully convicted woman. Presenting an exclusive interview with the popular, beautiful actress Jyothika, who plays the lead role in this powerful film.

  1. This film addresses a very serious issue. Do you believe that cinema is a powerful medium to convey the message? 

I truly believe that cinema plays a very important role in conveying a message. As a celebrity, I feel that it is our responsibility to make movies that convey strong messages. That is the reason, I try to pick a script that is inspiring, hopeful and brings forth important aspects of the society. Through Ponmagal Vandhal, I want to reach out to women and urge them to speak up and voice their opinion towards the justice that has been often denied to them.

2. You have done several women oriented movies of different genres.  What do you personally enjoy the most? Comedy,  romance,  meaningful cinema with social impact…

In my earlier days, I have done aplenty commercial entertainers and big-hero films.  And now you often see me in women-centric films of different genres. I like to experiment with the roles, so I try to give preference to the script and not the genre. The idea is not to pick one genre and stick with it. If a movie is light-hearted yet gives out a strong message, then I will definitely say yes to it.

3. Outside of films,  what are your favorite pastimes?

I absolutely enjoy spending time with my kids and my husband. During the lockdown, we spent a lot of time playing board games and watching movies and shows together. Since we live in a joint family, there were a lot of people in the house. It was like a big Indian festival.

4, When can we see yourself and Suriya together in a film again?

I know that our fans are eagerly waiting for us to share screen again and we are also looking forward to working together. But we have not had the right script come our way and we wanted it to be more than what we’ve done earlier. When it does, we will work together.

5. Any message for our readers and audiences in North America?

I just want to thank my fans and viewers for their constant love and support. I hope they will continue to shower us and our film with their love. I request them to watch Ponmagal Vandhal on Amazon Prime Videos and raise their voice towards the injustice and crime against women.


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