Sweet Summer Sensations – Mystical, Mazedaar Mangoes!

Summers can be a fantastic time to expand your palate with some exotic,  tropical fruits like guavas, jackfruits, papayas that are available in your local grocery stores! Enjoy them from the comfort of your home or backyard and imagine you are on an amazing island holiday this Covid season!

The best of all, is the ‘king of fruits’ – ‘Mango’ which is most people’s favourite! It is so versatile that it can be had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. It all depends on how you enjoy this delicious fruit. As a smoothie, drink, salad, or simply sliced! For those interested in Indian cuisine, there is endless varieties of dishes that incorporate mango – lassies, chutneys, raitas, curries, pickles and dhals – deliciously sweet and spicy!

It is not just about the taste – this fruit is packed with nutrition and has ample health benefits as well.  Include mangoes in your weight loss regime since it is safe even for diabetics. The abundance of minerals such as calcium, iron and sodium make it a fruit that cane be consumed for glowing skin and smooth hair! Essential nutrients in ripe mangoes, like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C also have therapeutic impact on  the body.

Obsession for mangoes dates back to several thousands of years -from Alexander the Great to Mughal emperors who ruled India, it’s native land. This fruit has not only influenced many ancient myths and folklores but has even solidified trade relations and unified kingdoms! The English to the fruit to Europe in 18th century and in mid 19th century the first crop appeared in California and Florid. t is also a symbol of Buddhism, as it is believed that Buddha used to meditate under the shade of mango trees.

Do you now feel like a mango expert! Are you ready to cook with mango? Do you want to enjoy a new variety? Go for it!

Here, I am sharing my favourite recipe ‘Mango Lassi’!

About 3 to 4 medium sized Alphonso mangoes (you could substitute with any good variety of mango) Or use mango pulp if desired. 2 cups chilled full fat fresh curd (yogurt).

1 tablespoon cream, optional

2-3 tablespoon sugar or honey.

Add all the above ingredients and blend them. Garnish with a few mint leaves, dry fruits or cardamom powder. Beat the heat and quench your thirst with this tasty, healthy drink!

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